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Total Solution Hi Started today ....but

Hiya, started today..... but don't know if it is already a BIG mistake !! I like the shakes but almost heaved at the vegatable soup .....and have been told this was meant to be one of the nicer tasting ones :eek:. Can i just use the shakes and bars does anyone know ? Can you buy a months supply without the soups ?
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I am on day 6 now and just using the shakes. Did not order soups as reading other peoples comments did not think they would be for me! I have a couple of bars that I keep in my bah for emergencies but love all the shakes and am happy on them.

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You can buy whatever selection you want honey, but only the monthly bumper packs are at the special reduced rate, and you can't choose what is in them unfortunately x


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You can buy a bumper pack of just shakes if that helps? The bars come in the mixed pack so if you wanted those you'd have to buy them seperately..... not reduced cost though...... oh, and Welcome to Exante :)
Give everything a go first before you decide you dont like them, maybe even try them twice coz some peoples tastes change and they start to like the packs they didn't like before!

I tried all the soups lots but really dont like them so I have shakes only.


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Hi Mitchsa!
The flavours do grow on you and your tastes will change. At first I found the shakes really flavourless, and had to add at least one sweetener to them all before I threw them down my neck. Now I find I don't need sweetener at all, I actually enjoy drinking them - my tastebuds seem to be working overdrive (I suppose that's because they're being used so much less :eek:). The soups can seem a bit odd at first, but you may find if you're feeling cold and empty they're very welcome :) The best way to treat the packs is not as food, but just a flavoured nutrition injection.
Do persevere though, the results are very much worth the odd flavours!
Lucy x
Thank you for all your helpful and supportive responses. Going to try the thai chicken soup in a mo ...... so fingers crossed :).
My friend (who's away at the mo so unable to contact) advised me before she went not to touch the bars until the 4th day ......i didn't ask why and was wondering if i should eat one as i only managed half of the earlier soup ! Why do you think she advised me not to have a bar till the 4th day ? Is that because by then my body should be in ketosis?


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I agree with earlier posts; neither shakes nor soups are gourmet meals, they are not meant to be.
Once you are in ketosis and not hungry (the magic of this diet!) the flavour of soups and taste of shakes becomes irrelevant.
I have given up trying to make them taste different, for me its just fuel. Hot or cold, eat or drink and move on. The goal is to lose weight not really to enjoy the packets. So now even mushroom is OK; not my favourite but it works.
Bars - not for me either but the rest are just fine. My tastes have changed in eight weeks too. Adding sweetener now seems too sweet and when I add a meal its a half size one and I am full.
This is what I found anyway.
the veg is also my least favourite one so I add chilly sauce!! Its funny i thought the bars were gross on day one and now I love them, just try to give them a go and remember only one bar a day! xx
I had a bar yesterday as i couldn't finish either the veg or thai chicken soup and even though i ate it (the bar) i did think that it might take some getting used to ...lol.

Anyway ....just thought i'd let everyone who gave me advise and support yesterday (day 1) know that day 2 has been a breeze :D.
Have decided that the soups are really not for me ..... i find them really sweet and even though i know its fuel and not food i can't seem to stop reaching with them and decided i would be less likely to stick with this diet if i was dreading 'soup' time:cry:
Have had all shakes today (strawberry, chocolate and banana) and love them all and they seem sweet enough for me which i know many of you have found a problem !
Have ordered a 'shake pack only' today as i had one week of mixed and don't want to run out being left with those soups ...lol. Will try the soups again perhaps next week just to see if my taste buds change !
Oh yes also had my first headache last night but feel great now !!
that's brilliant! It's my day 2 tomorrow so hopefully I'll find it a bit easier too. I gaggede a bit at the tomato soup and made it just palatable by adding some tabasco sauce and rosemary. Once I have finished this pack I might just get shakes and bars unless they grow on me x