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Hi, there. I'm the new guy. You probably saw me coming in, there's enough of me...


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So hi, I'm Dominoid. I got pointed in the direction of this forum by Hastalavegan and Madamelaminx, who've both been encouraging me to try Slimming World and take a proper approach to weight loss for a while now. I usually do EVENTUALLY listen to other people's advice, it just takes me some time sometimes! XD

See, I've always been a bit on the chunky side and in recent years I've got bigger and bigger, to the point of having to buy new suits for recent job interviews because I can't fit into the suit that I distinctly remember wearing just a year ago. Anyway, realising that I'm getting to be much larger than I want to be wasn't enough for me. Sure it made me moan about being a bit of a fat **** but it didn't make me actually try to lose weight, not properly. This week has seen a slight change though.

My brother was born with only one kidney, and that was not correctly formed. He's been fine for nearly 40 years, but it's started causing him problems recently, and he's been in and out of the RSUH the last 6 months for tests and scans and such forth. He announced earlier in the year that he may need a transplant at some point in the future and I offered him one of mine. I figure I have two kidneys and I only need one so he might as well have one if he ever needs it. He was pleased but didn't need it yet so nothing more was said. Skip to Friday when he posted on Facebook that he was down to about 15% kidney function and may now need one sooner rather than later, so if anybody that had offered was serious, to contact his consultant.

After a half hour talk with his consultant, we established that me and him ARE blood type matches, which is the very important first stage, and as we're siblings, there's a very high chance that tissues and antibodies will match up well so I should be able to help him. But there's a catch of course, and I assume you've already guessed the catch is my weight. I currently weigh 18.5 stone and at 5'11 that puts me in the "clinically obese" category. I can't donate a kidney until I am in the "overweight" category or lower so I need to lose at least 2 1/2 stone as soon as is safely possible. My girlfriend will be joining me as although she isn't planning on anything as major as me, she's also wanted to lose weight for ages too so we're treating this as a sign!

As for me, I don't really want my brother to end up on dialysis or worse, so this is for me the kick up the arse that I needed in order to finally tackle my weight loss. This means starting a proper weight loss programme once payday comes (we're too broke to be buying new food in just yet, so we're running down the less than perfect food we currently have)

So that's me and my tale. Thanks for having me, I look forward to getting to know you all.
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Hey dude,

Welcome to Minimins! This place was a life saver for me when I first started SW and I hope you have an awesome time here.

Look forward to seeing you around :D


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Hi Dominoid

I'm not on slimming world but I really do wish you luck and relate to your story a bit.
My sister is insulin dependent diabetic and her renal function has been shaky over the last few years and she has been told that at some point she may need a kidney. Of course I have offered one of mine, but I too know that I am too overweight. There is no pressure at the moment as her function is holding up ok, but I know the time will come as she isn't that well controlled with her diabetes and of course that has consequences. So I have started (or restarted) my journey again.

So I just wanted to say good luck and keep going. It is a wonderful thing you are doing for your brother, but in losing weight you are doing a wonderful thing for yourself too . Good luck


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What a incentive you have there. Good luck. I hope your brother gets a new kidney.


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Hi there and welcome, your story really touched me. My mother is a kidney patient and I wish I could donate one of my kidneys to her. Unfortunately since her condition in hereditary I'm not supposed to give her a kidney as I may have the same condition, and even if it wasn't hereditary, we don't even share the same blood group.

I really admire what you are doing for your brother and sincerely wish you all the best with your weight loss.

PS - Also lovely to hear how supportive your partner is!


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Welcome Dominiod,

I hope you get to your target weight. Thats one huge gift your going to be giving your brother. He's one lucky guy. Best of luck, glad to have another guy on board.


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I just saw that your from Plymouth. Thats my old hometown. I lived in Laira, my parents still do , what a small world we live in !
wow. you're doing a really wonderful thing for your brother, and I wish you the best of luck with your weight loss!
Good luck I'm sure you will do well slimming world us fab I have lost 1 1/2 stone so far!! The first step is the hardest and you have done that already so onwards and upwards or should I say doneards lol!!
What am amazing thing to be able to do for your brother. Slimming world seems to be the way to go I know lots of people who done fantastic on it.

Good luck and best wishes

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