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Hi to everyone from brand new CD'er

Just wanted to post a big hello to everyone.
:sign0144: I'm brand new to CD and now am on day 4 and in ketosis - yipee!!!!!! I'm feeling really inspired and excited by the fantastic weight losses that u are getting and the help and support you offer one another is amazing. I've got a lot of weight to lose - 8st:cry: but i'm feeling so determined that nothing is gonna stop me!!! No doubt i'm gonna be spending a whole of time on this site and am looking forward to getting to know u all a bit better. I'm doing SS and have felt great - so far!!!!! I've just had a chocolate drink at lunch but made it with hot water - i thought i died and gone to heaven - the nicest hot choc ever!!!!!! I didn't expect the flavours to be soooooo nice!!!!! Wish me luck with my first weigh in and good luck to everyone that's already on their way to the "new you". Would love to hear back from anyone - any tips would be fantastic x x x x x x

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ooooooh, someone sounds optimistic! It's lovely to have someone like you on minis! Welcome welcome!

Good luck with your weight loss hun, i've just gotta say that the first time is defo the golden time - Stick with it!

Awww,your post has cheered me up a treat xxx
Hi Leah, thanks for the warm welcome. The reason i'm so determined to be honest is that I hit rock bottom where my weight was concerned - i felt it was affecting my life in too many ways, with 4 yr old twins and two older boys, 10 and 13 to run around and look after i just hadn't got the energy and i didn't want to be the biggest mum on the playground anymore!!!!!:( I've also got a gorgeous hubby, who i love to bits and i just want to be confident and feel attractive for him as well as myself!!!! So as u can see, i've just got to do it!!!!! The thin person inside is deperate to feel the sunshine on her face!
Thanks again for post back hun, take care,

Sharon xxxx
Sharon - i just KNOW you'll fly through this weight loss journey darlin.

I'll raise my glass of water to you :)

I'm on day 2 of a restart as i totally flew off the wagon so looks like i'll be joining you :D xxx


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Hello Sharon
Just look at it each day that passes is another day closer to where you need to be , can be scarey hairy looking to far ahead ARRRRRRRRRRRRRR , see thats me saying that lol


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Welcome Sharon to Minis and great to hear you so positive.

I am on day 3 of my umpteenth restart and I am feeling good at the moment, and it is true what Leah says about the Golden time. So hang on to that and your weight will be off before you know it.


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Hi Sharon
Its lovely to see you here.

I started CDSS today. Water is sloshing everywhere, I have worn a patch in the carpet where I've walked to the loo so often but by God, I feel good.
At 20 stone, I have a very long journey ahead, but I am going to buy a years family membership at the gym to help me along.

Feel free to email me if you want to chat to someone who is also just starting on the journey.


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hi sharon, welcome to mini's.Your gonna love it here!Best of luck to you with cd. You sound really motivated good woman yourself.My top tip is to keep busy busy busy espec when meal times come around!!

becky x
Hi Sharon welcome to minimins! I'm on day 3 at the mo, this is the first time i've actually been able to get into the diet! I will look out for ur posts and hope u do really well, u sound so motivated! I love to hear it! I have just a little bit more than u to lose and while it seems a lot, it would take a whole lot longer on other diets! Keep up the motivation and you will do fab! We can do this together!! x
Best of luck Sharon - you definitely sound like you are in the right frame of mind to start the diet, especially as you are on Day 4. Get your bed socks and jumpers ready for being very, very cold at the beginning of the diet, something to do with Ketosis.

Good luck with your losses, I'll be looking out for more positive posts.
Hi Sharon. Well done in staring CD and finding this great site.
Good luck with your first week.
Word of advice either park your bum outside loo or invest in Tenna Ladys LOL
Hi Sharon

Wow its great to hear your so positive:) I'm positive too at the moment, I'm a self confessed scale hopper and on day 5 of this wonderful diet I am showing an 8lb loss and I'm soooo happy, well done you for making this choice, I look forward to chatting to you!

You have made the first step so well done for that and if ever you feel the need to cheat have a pint of water or two and drink em fast !!! Then log on to the site and have a read through what people have lost by sticking to it

The diets great, the sites great and the people will support you

Good luck

See it only my 12th day and I already sound like an expert LOL

Hi Sharon

Welcome welcome!!

You said something that is exactly what I said at the start of my journey "I hit rock bottom where my weight was concerned" sometimes this is what it takes to kick us into action, stay as positive as you are now and the weeks will fly by!

Good luck and keep us posted.

Awwwww, thank u all so much for posting back, what a fantastic bunch!!!! Even though i am mega motivated it makes me feel even better after reading your messages.

Porgeous - what an inspiration!!!! I was looking at your photos last night with my hubby and we both were gobsmacked at your transformation -you look fantastic!!!!!:wow:

Come on girls that are on the first rung of the ladder like me - let's go for it!!!!!! We can all support each other i'm sure - my laptop is nearly always on - so i'm only a quick message away.:talk017:

Anyway i'd better go - I need a wee!!!!!!! (just for a change):rolleyes:

Thanks again everyone, look forward to catching up with you all soon, have a great weekend - much luv

Sharon x x
Hi Sharon,

here's a little quiet and belated welcome from me...:wave_cry:

You will do great and I can see your positive outlook being a great assett for everyone on here as well. Not that we all are miserable, by no means, but another cheery, positive soul can only enhance the minimins experience...

good luck


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