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hifi bars

One hifi bar = 1 hexb. And two slices from a small (400g) wholemeal loaf = 1 hexb.

You get two hexb and hexa on red and green, and one of each on extra easy.

Hope that helps!

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
1 x Hifi bar is a Hex B and 2 slices of wholebread is also a Hex B - but, and sorry I don't have my book on me, not just any wholemeal bread - I think it can be Nimble, WW or come from a small loaf
Yes that's right if you do red and green days.

It's not right if you do extra easy!!


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Extra easy plan = one heb per day, and one hea per day.

Red/green plans = 2 heb per day, and 1 or 2 heb per day.

One hifi = heb x 1

2 slices of nimble = heb x 1


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yes doing red day had mushrooms and egg and 2 slices of bacon done in fry light for breakfast any syns there plz ?
You seem to have asked this in a few places today and got answers each time.

If you are so unsure of the plan, why not sign up with group? Even if you dont stay for good you can get the books and the new members talk. You can find out about the Extra Easy plan as well as the red and green plans.

It will cost you £9.95 to join and you get all the books you need with the up to date info - and even if you dont keep going, you will have access to the members area of the website with syns online etc for a little while.

Or you could look at some of the FAQs/sticky threads on here and the very comprehensive posts that spell out in detail lots of things about the plan. This one is particular is very useful.


Its always worth having a browse round the site before asking questions - chances are your question has been answered hundreds of times before, and people can get a little fatigued of answering the same questions over and over again. This site has a very good search function which is also a great help and should really be your first port of call before starting a brand new thread

To answer your question - yes your breakfast is free on a red day, assuming you removed the bacon fat.

But it really seems you need a full refresher on the plan - I'd really recommend going to group.

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