High School Musical


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High School Musical is a Disney film - no swearing, no violence - sat and watched it with all of my girls (11, 9,9 and 2) and they all loved it. Got the CD and happily sing along - watch it, you may be surprised how much you like it!! :D


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It's not an 18 or anything, but I wouldn't have thought it was particularly suitable for a 6 year old. Teens in love type of stuff.

Most 6 year olds would get bored pretty quick.


OMG its fabulous and my 8 year old knows it word for word...he sky +'d it and any chance he gets its on and hes dancing. Its got a great moral message about accepting people for who/what they are...there's a special edition DVD with yearbook out at woolworths tomorrow...i'll be grabbing one for Olis stocking!

Love it!!!:D


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Breaking Free is fab!! :cool: When they showed it on Disney they did one where they showed the kids how to do the dances - that was SO much fun!!!

My fav is 'Get Your Head in the Game' - Issy bought it from her birthday money!! ;) :p


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Get your head in the game is on now!!! I can imagine chloe dancing about like a mad thing to it!!

Breaking free is really good too....should've just downloaded the album before I posted here....it actually gives a pretty good idea wat the film is about!!!


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My 10 yo loves it, and watches it over and over.
Once was more than enough for me.


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This is the absolute bain of my life. We watch the film over and over and over again, and if that isn't enough the CD is played in the car over and over and over again.

I hate it but the kids love it.


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The dvd out today is cheaper in tesco - there were 2 adds in the paper for it yesterday - one was woolies and the other Tesco - think it was *.97 or something like that!!

I've been hearing this for ages, is often on ithe background - but the other day actually watched about the last 20minutes - was sweet - made my eyes fill up!

Reckon it'd be fine for your lil 6 year old...