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hit a brick wall again


a new way of living!
ooh Blah.. I have hit that brick wall again. I have no energy at all, not even enough to climb back in bed!

Its this no energy feeling that made me eat on days 1-4, hoping it would make me feel better.

To be truthful, although my scales show a loss, I feel fat, fed up, frumpy and cant imagine how i will ever look or feel good ever again :(

Then i get a 30 sec burst of 'oh its all ok really' then back to energy slump.

I usually get a burst after having a sachet, but not today... do you think its cause I slept after my night shift? too much sleep maybe??

oooh I feel pants.

we have a fruit bowl full of healthy good stuff down stairs that i am avoiding as though it is infested with maggotts!

also not pooing, had fibresure, and laxative, and i I get is butt snott! (sorry but no other way to put it!)


how long till my energy picks up again??

at least i have WI tomorrow.
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rainbow brite

Do you have access to Ketostix? Using one of those to find out whether you're in Ketosis or not already could prove useful. If you're not (takes longer for some than others) that would be why you've got such a lack of energy. Failing that talk to your pharmacist about it tomorrow. Be honest about the cheating though as even though it was carb-free it's possible it has affected you. Hope you feel better soon hun :)


a new way of living!
yeah good point, i do have keto stix and was had inky toe's when i checked on day 4 and not had anything since my cheat with chicken on day 4 (but only a bit)

I'm not even really hungry, just got no energy. OH just made me a peppermint tea bless him.


Says it as it is!!!
if you are eating you are delaying all the process! get some sleep, water and tlc off OH
its mind games and you need to get through it!
Now stop feeling sorry for yourself ...get some positive thoughts going and chill!!!


a new way of living!
thanks for support all, went for a walk with OH and the dog, had my last pack (choc mocha mouse) and a few decaff black coffee's, and feeling a bit better now.

i didn;t eat anything :) OH is also dieting and are competing for a month, who ever loses the most buys the other a treat/book/give em a tenner. he is trying to keep me going.

he is cooking cauli cheese now (on his diet) so i am hiding up stairs on my pooter before going to work later.

feel better after watching dvd again, although they do say that if you try and beat the system and eat protein, some of it will be turned into carbs by your body!!! arghhh - defo no more cheating for me now!

it will get easier - i am sure it will.

love love love xxx

rainbow brite

Trust me when I say it does get easier hunni


a new way of living!
thanks, hoping by the end of next week food will be a distant memory and i'll get a bit more energy to do stuff around the house.
supposed to be getting ready to sell/move, painting tidying etc, but had no energy.

notice you are in plymouth gemma, we are moving to the devon/cornwall area! will have to meet for coffee/water (prob moving to okehampton area in devon, did look at callington and lanson, but need to be near OH family who are close to oke)


rainbow brite

You coming all the way down here? Yuk! Lol I'm just kidding, apart from a few odd days the weather has been quite good recently actually so it's been rather pretty down here in Devonia.

I won't go as far as to say food is a distant memory, I'm still thinking of food quite often but I simply think of something else and forget about it in a few minutes. The hunger goes away due to ketosis but the act of eating is a habit that will, of course, be difficult to break. Hang in there hun and you'll be fine
Things do get better - honestly! I rarely think about food - except when I'm making something with melted cheese - that smell is lush at the moment!!!!! - but I never feel like cheating.

Someone said - nothing tastes as good as slim feels - and that keeps me going. I haven't been slim since I was a child and I'm really looking forward to reaching my target.

I'm seeing my skinny sister in August so I'd love to lose more by then as she doesn't know I'm dieting (unless my mum has told her and she hasn't said anything to me if mum has!)

I'm loving finding my clothes too big and other clothes in my wardrobe now fit! I wore a top yesterday that I bought in February which was too tight and my OH said I need to get rid of it coz it is now too big on me!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!



Desires to be slim....
Msblonde, i promise, it gets easier.
I used to get days where i wanted to eat everything in sight.

Id go to my room and try on an item of clothing that was too tight for me. That usually got my act together. OR, id look through the pictures on the Inspiration Slide show at the top of this page and look at how quickly some of the people made their amazing transformations.

You dont need the food. Have a cup of coffee/tea (black of course) or some water. That will take your mind off the craving for a while.

My phone bill went up when i was on LT cos everytime i felt like picking at food, i would call a friend for a chat to take my mind off it!!!!

Eating is a habit. Thats all. We can all get out of habits.......

Think about how chuffed you are gonna be tomorrow when the Chemist congratulates your loss......
If you eat again tonight, you will always wonder what your first weeks weight loss could have been if you had stayed clear of the fruit bowl......

You only feel cr***py for the first 3-4 days. After that, its easy peasy.......xx
Plod on you can do this, it will get easier I promise! xxxx


Desires to be slim....
Oh, and one more thing - I have just put a picture of myself at my biggest up on the fridge. Its there to remind me why i dont need to go into the fridge for that one mouthful of food when i start again on the diet tomorrow....

Find a bad picture of yourself. A picture that you cringe at when you look at it and slap it on the middle of the fridge door!!!

Trust me - That will work!!! Mine is awful. My hubby took it last year when we were on holiday in Cyprus. He took it from behind so its twice as bad!!!!! LOL


a new way of living!
LOL that was mean of him! ;)

had my weigh in and lost 7lbs!!! and had strong level of ketones and i drink water like its going out of fashion!

i'm so chuffed, mei happy now!!!!

i'm posting my loss all over the site, you will soon get sick of seeing it ;)
Never! I always love to see everybody's losses!

7lb is awesome - you tell everyone hunny, you have every right to be proud of that loss!!!!



a new way of living!
funny that, i do seem to be buzzing today, i am hungry but so dont care!! bought some vanilla today and made a latte, it was yummy, followed by more coffee, mmm think i may be high on caffine too ;)

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