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hit a brick wall.. Cant seem to go anymore..


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:sigh:Im stuck.. and in desprate need of Kick up the arse!

Iv lost 5stone so far, 5stone still to go. Gone from a size 28 to 16 on top and 20 on bottem. But im struggling! I ate yday and today and iv got plans to eat at the weekend, but on monday i need so much help! I havent been to see my cdc for 3 weeks, i get my OH to pick them up because im so embarssed! Im stuck at 17st8 and go back up to 18st when i stuff my face.

The thing is, i know im messing about, and im still eatting the same crap that i ate before.. Please please please help me, this is my last chance! :wave_cry::break_diet::cry:
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Hey xKimmiex

Sorry to hear youre feeling low about it. I think the best thing for you to do it bite the bullet and see your CDC....remember she will of seen this a million times over I'm sure, and you have NOTHING to be ashamed of. 5 Stone is an AMAZING weight loss. You should be so proud of yourself.

You need to get the weekend out of the way as you already have plans and then draw a line under it all and start again. Try getting into the frame of mind that you are starting the process again and reading through your books etc. YOU CAN DO THIS!! xxx:)
You are half way there! Thats amazing work so far. You have eaten, so what is done is done ...get back on track now think about the money and effort you have spent and how to make it all worthwhile rather than you feeling guilty about it in a few months time.

There are people in life that talk about doing stuff and dont achieve then there are people who walk the walk ... no one said it would be easy, you can do it!

Your bottom siggy line says .... My Life, My Goal, My Dream!

How good will that dream feel when you get there?

you are an inspiration to everyone here and seeing you post is great motivation ..... cos when I hit my half way mark I think I will need some support too. :)


please try again
hey hun

ive hit that wall a couple of times this journey with me yoyoing the same few pounds for a few weeks. each time if pushed back at it and refocused to head back down the stones again


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You must face your counsellor and you'll not be able to get supplies for much longer without seeing her. You have done so well just need to keep going a bit longer.

Good luck

Irene xx


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Oh hun - it must be so hard to have being doing it so long and not have the odd time off.
But just look how well you've done and think about how much you want this and your reasons for wanting to lose wight. Think back to why you started on this journey.
You can do it - get drinking that water and see your CDC. Don't be embarassed - I bet he or she themselves have been through exactly the same!!
Good Luck

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