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Hit a brick wall :-(

Oh wow you've done fantastic. I've lost 8lb's since jan and I'm thrilled with myself so well done you!!

I've eaten loads of synful stuff this weekend. Don't know why it's just happened. Anyway not bothered. Tomorrows the start of anther week and I'm drawing a line under it and not carrying my bad eating into another week. So start a fresh tomorrow and your weigh in will be what it is but only you can change it toward the right direction.

Keep positive. We can do this!


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Try to focus on the negatives you;ve done amazingly well 16lbs already! just accept that you;ve had a slip and get back on plan, make sure you have some superfrees to hand(fill up a fruit bowl, carrot batons,
cucumber) xxx
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I know ill be upset so as I weigh at home i dont think ill weigh myself and try and be good. I think im doing this to myself because i know im having next weekend off, and the agevold think "it wont hurt"

Really need a slimming buddy to keep
Me on track!!
I would advise the opposite to your plan chick....weigh yourself as per normal as it helps to draw a line under it so you can move on from that mark....there is a chance otherwise you will carry on indulging.

Just remember it's just a blip and you can and will turn this around. xx


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I agree - I would weigh myself as usual and draw a line under it - that way if you're on plan next week you'll lose at your next weigh in. If you don't weigh as normal - your 2 week weigh in probably will be a STS at best and then you'll be less motivated than if you have had a loss.
Hiding from the truth is not going to do you any good - i know this. I didnt want to go to class this week, but i did and i had a huge gain because of my pigging out for 6 days (yes 6!!!) and i am glad i did face the music.

I am now a focused determined SW-er again - i dont want to be obese/overweight any more.....so only I can change that.

You need to identify why you slipped off plan and crush the trigger!!! Pretend it is week one again!

Good luck x


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Congrats on your fab weight loss so far! I had a mc donalds last week, as we were at a service station on the way home late at night...i'd already synned a lot that day and decided to have my mc chicken sandwich and large fries and the next day, draw a line under it. Well 2 days later - WI and that week I actually lost 5 pounds! I hadn't done much body magic that week either and I was really shocked. Not that it's an excuse to have one again!

Draw a line under it and move on, tomorrow's a new day. You can do it! X
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Its important to teach yourself to jump straight back on plan when you do have a slip, ask anyone who "gave themself time off" over Xmas how hard it was to get back on track in January... it really is best to take each day as it comes, always aiming to have a good day/week... the problem with giving yourself "time off" next weekend is your frame of mind is already telling you you're "on a break" and therefore you don't need to bother this week... there are still a number of days until weekend and you can repair the damage and plan to do better at the next obstacle.

You have done brilliantly so far, keep going xxxxxxx


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You need to remind yourself why you started this journey in the first place hun. Sit with your books and plan tomorrow and keep planning each day as it comes until it sticks. Start a food dairy! It helps me stay focussed.

Don't let one blip turn into a massive fall off the wagon. I got fluffy pink handcuffs you can have to handcuff yourself to the wagon!

I had a massive fall off the wagon and ran along side it, for 6 months! Put all my weight back on. I don't want to be fat and 40, I know how hard this is. We can do it and if you need a buddy, I will be there for you. My food dairy is in my sig, and you can give me the link to tours and I am sure loads of members who will help as well.

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