Hiya everyone

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  1. roxie89xxxx

    roxie89xxxx Full Member

    Started diet 4th oct & still on it. Total loss 5 stone 6 pounds
    Another stone and a half I'll be happy xxx

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  3. slimmabum

    slimmabum Full Member

    OMG that's absolutely amazing!!! Bloody well done you. I wish I looked like that. You should have used the bigger mirror again to show off your fab new figure!!
  4. roxie89xxxx

    roxie89xxxx Full Member

    Thank you :) it's all different because I have moved back home and it's all diff mirror and lay out so couldn't get a good pic. Xxx
  5. mazzy

    mazzy Full Member

    I see it but I don't believe it!!! You look amazing you don't need to lose another ounce. You look slim, toned , fantastic, healthy, sexy do I need to go on!! Well done I am delighted for you.
  6. nataliej

    nataliej Silver Member

    Wow, you look fantastic! What a difference.... Good on ya!
  7. nataliej

    nataliej Silver Member

    Did you do much exercise?
  8. Mrfishjersey

    Mrfishjersey New Member

    Go girl you look amazing! Just showed your pics to my wife, maybe she will get some incentive from you. Really really we'll done
  9. roxie89xxxx

    roxie89xxxx Full Member

    ThAnks everyone :) no I haven't
    Done any exercise but need too :-S xxx
  10. GuitarHero

    GuitarHero Member

    You look stunning!!!!!

    im starting on Saturday morning, given your success,
    any tips for how you managed to keep going after 4/5 weeks?

    And again, you look AMAZING right now!! :-D

    congrats, Alan
  11. LeeMags

    LeeMags Member

    Congrats on your weight loss so far, you look amazing. Love seeing pics so you can see what can be achieved if you stick with it. Hopefully in a few months i'll be posting my pics too :)
  12. roxie89xxxx

    roxie89xxxx Full Member

    Hiya. It's hard I won't lie but the results are always good. My advice would be to take before pics and even after 3 days I noticed a difference it's the main reason it kept me going.
    Thanks for all compliments xxx and good luck
  13. Want2BeSlim

    Want2BeSlim Gold Member

    Now that's inspiration right there!! A big well done to you roxie89. you look amazing
  14. Destination 119!

    Destination 119! Full Member

    Wow, you look amazing. Congratulations xx
  15. T1506

    T1506 Full Member

    Omg wow!!! My jaw just dropped! Im so jealous. You look amazing girl! Well done.

    How did you find the diet? And how long did it take you to lose 5 stones?

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  16. roxie89xxxx

    roxie89xxxx Full Member

    I'm back on the shakes again guys :-( xx how are you all
  17. Deepa

    Deepa New Member

    That's amazing, well done
  18. pandora2014

    pandora2014 Full Member

    Are you still on the shakes, Roxie? Are you doing TMR again?
    When you were on last year, how many months did you stay on?
  19. Roxie Crosbee

    Roxie Crosbee Full Member

    Hiya everyone this is actually my profile but i couldn't remember my log in details lol..
  20. Pierce

    Pierce Administrator Staff Member

    Want me to merge these profiles together?
  21. Kay003

    Kay003 Gold Member

    Hiya Roxie :) , your before and after pics are amazing ! I see your back on it again. My start weight was also 13st 8lbs, I started on the 11th Jan. It would be great to keep in touch. I'm doing SS (vlcd) . Hope your having a fab week hun !

    Kay xx :bunnydance:

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