Hiya everyone :)

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  1. spammie19

    spammie19 Full Member

    Just thought id post to say hiya to all you lovely people!!! I'm a mummy to 6 young children...since becoming pregnant for the first time I guess my weight has just gone up an up. I feel now I'm ready to tackle it!!! So will be attending my first cambridge weight plan appointment tomorrow!! Not many people around me are supportive and don't think I will do it :( would be nice to talk to you all through my coming weeks!!!

    Sammy xxxxxxx
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  3. MarieDK

    MarieDK Full Member

    Hi Sammy :D

    How lovely to have such a big family :) Wish you all the very best with the Cambridge plan. You can definitely do this - no one thought I could ever lose weight either. But doing it just for yourself and disregarding everyone else has really been a turning point for me. I know you can do it :) We will all get there.

    Hope you have a great first week on the plan, will look forward to seeing how you get along.

    Marie xxx
  4. spammie19

    spammie19 Full Member

    Hiya Marie :)

    Thanks for your reply!!! Yes it's lovely having a big family. Never a quiet moment in our house!! And hopefully they will keep me busy enough to think of food!! Thank you for your kind words and support!! Today is day 1. Wasn't going start till next week but went see my consultant yesterday and thought...let's just go straight in!!


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