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Hiya from the north east of england



Just keep swimming
Welcome to the forum Jo! I know how your feeling but we are all here to help! :)
Hiya and thank you, well done on your weight loss so far

Jo x
Woo hoo :553: last weigh in sat, could not resist a weigh in after weekend.......lost 3lb. That has put me in good frame of mind for today

Jo x
Hiya all, I love this site and love the support.

I am looking for weight loss buddies about my age and amount to loose. Age 54 and 4 stone to lose. It gets harder and harder the older I get.

It would also be nice to have a buddie local to me, would be nice to have coffee and chat, help each other along ? SKINNY LATTE'S OF COURSE.

Jo x
Hiya, thats fab, roughly what area are you in ?

Jo x
Hiya, heres to a new me, Thanks for reading and posting.

Where roughly are you ? I am here for support as I do not go to ww class, funds dont stretch that far, but I use a good app on my phone.

I will welcome any support online. Dont think I can be of much support to others ??? But more than willing to try. I am also looking for a weight loss buddy to maybe meet up with, have a coffee and a chat ? But realize people may not want to get into anything like that.

What are your goals and past experiences ?

Jo x

What are you
Hiya Irene, I have started a Diary to help keep me on the straight and narrow, but silly me has posted it in the wrong section, do hope thats ok ?

I am aiming to do my diary daily or a few times a day.

Gatedhead not far from me. I do go into Newcastle at least once a month.

How are you doing ?

Jo x


Full Member
Hi, I am in Co. Durham. Am 54 and am finding the weight hard to come off. I am silly with diet plans, start one then find I dont have the right stuff and change to another. I am finding that the NHS "weight no more" is the best for me at the moment, though I have put weight on over Christmas. Only thing is it is a 12 week course but then you on your own after that. Tried WW and didnt like the counting, tried SW but found it bit expensive having to get certain brands of food and all that fresh stuff for cooking. So this is my paln, lets hope can stick to it. Good luck to everyone.
Hiya safc, thanks for reading and posting. I have empathy with you. Over the course of 20yr, I must have been on every diet there is and been to every club. Must admit, I do not like counting either and wish I could just make healthy choices but I am not stong enough.

County Durham close to me too, roughly what area are you in. I am in Houghton-leSpring, just on the border of sunderland and County Durham.

I will try and explain Avatar. Sorry if Instuctions are not clear.

Go to where you go to do your signature but instead of clicking edit sig, click edit avatar, then scroll down past the first option and it gives you and option to upload your own pic. Ill check for more info after this post and post again.

Your goal are just about the same as mine, WE CAN DO THIS. My excess weight is beginning to affect my health, not in a big way but it will if I do not sort it now.

Let me know when you start your diary and I will post there too.

Is your username in support of our beloved football team ?

Good Luck and hang in there, remember bob the builder and all journey start with one step.

I am doing things small this time, as I usually go all out and last a week.

Jo x
Us North East Ladies are strong willed and determined.


Cristine, edit avatar is just above edit sig, you need to choose you custom avatar, them browse for your pic and upload.

Jo x

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