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Hiya guys! missed you !

Hello all!
Im back dieting but i have decided to give WW a go because i find it simply fits in better with my lifestyle!
I LOVE SW! but i find you have to start alot of food prep by scratch, and i just dont have the time.

I wish SW would do some sandwiches and ready meal ranges like WW and id be back to SW in a shot!

Hope everyone is well, i want to say a big hello to the old gang and also say hey! to the new lot since ive been away!

Good luck everyone with your weight loss journeys!

P.s, anyone know if SW will be doing their own range of food??

Ruthy xxx
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It really doesn't take that long to make meals from scratch. You can rustle something up in around 10 minutes. You just need to be organised. Consider batch cooking and then you only need to take something out of the freezer and bung it in the microwave.

You know exactly what has gone into it - no additives, flavourings, preservatives, colourings. I would always opt for home-made over a ready meal and I have a very busy lifestyle.

However, for the occasions where you really need to get something on the plate without thinking about it you can have ready meals that are low in syns. Why not make a list of suitable meals so you know what what the options are and are prepared when you go shopping.

From the latest SW magazine here are just a few ideas - salmon with watercress sauce, pork shank in cider and apple sauce, pork kebabs, chicken paupiettes (?) with parsley and lemon stuffing, sharwoods vegetable curry, vegetable ratatouille.

Personally I hope that SW doesn't come out with their own food range as healthy eating should be about eating a broad range of foods rather than enouraging people to eat from a specific, restricted brand. And I know that WW doesn't promote only using their range of foods but I know many people who do just that.
Hiya ruthy,hows things girl.i left the forum around the same time as u,my head just wasnt on the diet.Anyway like yourself ive gone to ww,its my 2nd week and guess what my head still isnt with the diet,but i do try.take care chick,


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I'm with Circes! There is so much salt and additives in ready meals. You will have time, you just have to put yourself first! In the time it takes to heat up a meal in the oven you can have a proper meal on the table, and as she says you know whats in it. WW's is a licence to lose weight on unhealthy food! I know, I've done it. SW puts your health first.
I work in a hospital and most of our patients are elderly. The ones who bounce in and out (as we put it) are the ones who have the frozen meals delivered every 2 weeks and heat them in a microwave! The nutrition in them is cr*p!
Thanks for your lengthy reply Circes, dont get me wrong i dont want to live totally on processed meals but my life style dictates easy convienient food. I work full time, just moved my mother closer to me in a wardened bungalow because she has progressive dementia she is only 62 and im finding looking after her, my 2 children, a useless boyfriend, and working full time hard, infact im at burnout.

Many people think im nuts trying to diet on top but i think if i lost weight it will boost my confidence and give me more energy than because im shattered!.

Ah, moan over lol got a funny feeling i willbe back on SW soon anyways, im missing my syn free chips beans and scrambled egg heeheee!

Chocdrop! stick with it girl, its blooming hard getting back on track gal! trust me im where you are at! but read loads post on here as much as you can and get motivated.
Its good to be back !!

Ruthy xxxx


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I do agree with Circes and Judimac, what does it take to ping a ready meal? 5 mins? It takes not much longer to cook some pasta, stir in some tuna and tomatoes and there you go!

No salt, sugar, additives, preservatives etc - I know exactly what it's like to not have the time to cook but I always make extras and freeze so I have my very own "ready meals" when I need them!

Good luck though, in whatever you choose. xx


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Lovely to see you back Ruthy, missed your lovely pic. xxx

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