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hiya. . . im starting atkins

Pink starz

Sexy abs....sooon !
hi everyone :wavey:

well i done Lipotrim trim for a bit and got from 13st to 11and half, but my chemist doesnt do it any more and it too expensive to get from ebay so as of tomorrow i am starting atkins. Been off Lt for a few weeks now and the fluid retention is killing me i look like a bloated whale (not a pretty sight at all)

I did atkins a few years back so know what to expect.

I have looked out all my reciepes book and want to actually stick to this long term, i have food intolernces anywayz so i should be eating bread ans cakes n stuff!!!

Just wanted to say hi and hope you can help me on my journey to a healthier/slimmer body in time for my sis wedding at the begining of August ;)

So how long have you all been lo carbing and how much have you lost and got left to target....( i being nosey :) )

sam x
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Me too, have tried Atkins and it does work just not for me at that point in my life, wishing you the best of luck with it anyway. x


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hi hun,

we seem to be heading down the same path, my sis wedding also in august, and also I have insulin resistance so refinded carbs are a huge no no for me! Re-read your atkins books stock your fridge with tasty protein snacks, sero bars from www.avidlite.co.uk are only 1.5 net g for whole bar and are brilliant as a breakfast bar or snack.

Good luck hun, shout out and thee are lots of friendly people here to help out.

sue xx

Pink starz

Sexy abs....sooon !
thanx everyone, i preparing over the weekend so i ready to go on monday, sorting out everything n reading all my books, i did nt realise how many i have!!!! LOL feeling quite poss about it.

thanx for the link on sero bars i had never heard of them before now sun, i gonna start upping my water over next couple days too so will keep up all updated x x
hi sam not on atkins but have done it in the past...wishing you all the best
xx :)


has started again!!

About to start Atkins myself next week, just planning my shopping list now!! I did LL last year and lost about 8 stone, regained 3 then lost another 1 again on CD. Struggling too much now on SS so thought Atkins might be the way to go!

Just had a tip from Sun re the Sero bars, so have ordered two boxes of them from Avidlite Low Carb Products. Lets hope they're good!!!

Keep in touch & good luck!
Hey, i've just lost 2 stone on Cambridge but to be honest i can't justify all the blimmin money!!! i've ordered the atkins book and hopefully will be able to pick your brains over the next few weeks!! Got 2 weeks stock of cambridge left to do then i'll be switching..... please god don't let me gain!!!!!!!!!

Pink starz

Sexy abs....sooon !
well today i day1 for me, so kinda excited and nervous had a farewell dinner last night ( not that bad beef wellington, sweetcorn n wedges!) my OH has decided to give it a go with me, think he still just wants his dinners made for him LOL x i working late tonight so gonna cut down on cals and food and up water.... I off for the next few days so that should be easier.

getting there i totally understand with the money on CD and LT, can be expensive, but remember atkins can be too!, if you gonna go for we will give you as much support as we can keep you on the right path ha ha but ye you will lose with it but will take a bit of getting used to...

now.... roll on ketosis, Im waiting for you all prepared with my listerine strips, mouth wash and ketosis sticks. Hopefully by thurs i'll be in ketosis.

PS is anyone doing any exercise? i am starting some as just worked out its 4weeks til my sis hen weekend and 6 weeks til wedding, i gotta tone up that wobbly belly, bum and thighs of mine else ill be giggling down the isle behind her LOL x x x


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So how is it going Pinkstarz? :)

Pink starz

Sexy abs....sooon !

Well i am on day 5 of atkins and absolutely loving it, actually forgot to eat today..... i aint looked at the scales waiting till monday, but if i being honest i not been drinking enough so prob not get a great loss so gonna up it over the weekend and do lots of running about at work!!!

hows everyone else doing, buffydog has got some great recipes going on on a sticky at the top you should have a nosey x x

I am a happy bunny (for now LOL)


Queen of the Damned
Sounding good mate - nice one! :cool:

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