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Extra Easy Hiya! Joining & being 'needy' straight away :-/

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Ruby-Dooby-Dooo, 10 January 2011 Social URL.

  1. Hiya! Been slimming worlding since sept, lost two stone and am really seeing and feeling the difference now. It hasn't been too much of a hardship so far and I reckon I'll keep going for a good while yet

    But then this evening. I'm agitated, p'd off and on my own unexpectedly with three kids. I'm knackered, grumpy and just not right. So.... To my shame, I reverted to type. Massive bingefest :-( I'd had it all under control, told the dr as much this morn...and now?!

    Any advice please? WWYD?

    Ah well, tomorrow's another day. WI day :-/
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  3. MadameLaMinx

    MadameLaMinx Gold Member

    Firstly, I love your name, and congratulations on your loss!

    I had the exact same situation as you last week. Really down in the dumps, kids to cope with, on my own at home. The cupboards called me, I responded to their call, and the worlds supply of chocolate groaned in pain.

    I went to WI today, having got back on plan straight away, and lost 3.5lb. Now, admittedly my binge was a few days before WI, and yours may be skewed by the fact that it has been the night before WI - but keep in mind that the majority of any gain you have tomorrow will be food weight in your system, and not actual pounds gained through calorie consumption.

    So, back on plan tomorrow with you - forget it, draw a line, it happens. What matters is how you deal with after it happens. If you do the same tomorrow, then the next day and then the next, then you will be back where you were in no time. Back on plan now, and the scales will reward you, next week, if not tomorrow.

  4. Stackhead

    Stackhead Slow and steady...

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    One bingeday doesn't ruin a whole weeks worth of slimming (or 3 months worth in your case!). Sometimes when we're stressed we eat.

    As long as you don't do it all the time. Maybe you should make sure that you don't keep things that will ruin the plan (through bingeing) in the house, or keep a little cupboard in the house full of SW friendly things that you can eat and almost feel like bingeing whilst still being on plan.

    But your not allowed to beat yourself up about one night of food - it's just one night!!

  5. nin

    nin Full Member

    slimming world
    I avoid buying anything that I can binge on. If its in the cupboard I will eat it so I just don't buy it anymore. X
  6. Hiya preciouses! :0)
    I've read this forum several times a day for the time I've been doing SW - it's ace that people have been bothered to talk to me! Thank you x

    It's not stuff I've bought. Our basic family diet is pretty good, but there's loads of Christmas clats hanging about - stuff people bought for the kids, the man, gave to the family... So getting rid of it isn't an option coz it's not mine, but it seems I have no conscience about nicking it either..! Oooooops. However, if I can allow myself a little positivity, I know I'm more in control of my binge behaviour than I've ever been before. I've had a slip, I'm aware, I have a lovely new frock I fit into nicely and I want to keep that feeling - so this will have to be written off as a temporary lapse and tomorrow is another day.

    I gained two pounds over Christmas and new year (from 21st dec to last tues) and I really wanted them gone this week. I'll report back x
  7. Hiya again!
    Off to WI in a mo, must try a wee first - every little helps, right?! ;-)
  8. Curvygirl87

    Curvygirl87 Silver Member

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    Good luck :)xx
  9. *Theresa*

    *Theresa* Full Member

    Good luck hun
  10. One off - that's the right way, innit?!
    Still feel quite 'flat' tho :-/ must rein that in before I let it take another day - keep calm and carry on!
  11. Safia

    Safia Gold Member

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    Hey congrats on the loss x sometimes when i get stressed i binge too but draw a line under it and carry on like normal the next day. It is hard sometimes but worth it when i see losses and even if i dont have a loss atleast i still weigh less than what i weighed when i joined xx
  12. ColJack

    ColJack Gold Member

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    Slimming World
    I have a crazy idea...

    get the kids one of those lockable cash boxen each, take out the tray and put their treats in there..
    you keep the box in the cupboard ( so you still have control over what they have ), but give them each a key..
    they can hide the keys so you can't find them and bring them when they come and ask for a treat..
  13. MadameLaMinx

    MadameLaMinx Gold Member

    LOL, if Ruby's kids did as well as my lot did at Xmas for treats, she's going to need a bank sized safe, never mind a cash box.

    Well done Ruby, one off is GREAT! I know you are feeling flat, but think of it this weight, you might have had a better loss but still had some food weight floating about. Next week, after 100% on plan, it will show up. Keep the SW faith!
  14. maclynn

    maclynn Silver Member

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    hi, well done on you're losses so far. You've had a binge draw a __________, and forget it. Good luck for weigh-in;)
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