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  1. thinkthincd

    thinkthincd Silver Member

    Morning everyone,

    Been for my regular weigh in and decided to stay ss for the next month as i am going to a wedding in 5 weeks so having a day off for that.

    The problem is when i discussed this with my CDC she said i should go on to 810 on the monday before the wedding (on the saturday) and then just enjoy myself on the day of the wedding. I'm slightly concerned about this as i won't have eaten any food at all for 9 weeks by then, and as i understand it 810 is protein and veg. So will it still be safe to drink on the day of the wedding, and will i feel ill because of the rich food?

    I'm a bit confused as to what to do, she just said i will be fine and to drink vodka and diet coke, but i thought that most people can stay in ketosis on 810??? Don't want to question her too much as she is the expert, but i also don't want to be ill on the first occasion i eat at for 9 weeks.

    Any advice?
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  3. Wilma

    Wilma Silver Member

    Hi - i'm sure someone who knows will be on soon. Didn't want to read and run!!

  4. Wilma

    Wilma Silver Member

    Just remebered - Oisin is at a wedding this weekend and she will be back on Tuesday. I'm sure she won't mind chatting about what she did. Her losses are absolutely amazing.
  5. Shadaca

    Shadaca Silver Member

    I'm kind of in the same situation - got a wedding in about a month up in durham, so I'm going to be eating for three days.

    I was just going to build up plans the week coming up to it - and maybe have a proper meal the night before we go up so build up to it.
  6. thinkthincd

    thinkthincd Silver Member

    Thats what i thought, i assumed she would tell me to do 810 for a week and then perhaps 1000, or even tell me to introduce some carbs the week before due to needing to be out of ketosis. But she seemed to think it was fine to drink while in ketosis?
  7. Dogtanion

    Dogtanion Silver Member

    Went to an eve do at a wedding on friday night - my cdc suggested that I just ate any meat - all i had was one slice of ham out of a sandwich!! Then had my pack later - alternatively you could try having ss+ style meals - chicken and salad etc meat and veg and just hold back on the carbs - I drank soda water - I would normally have had lime and but .. on the plus it was free!
    Good luck!
  8. thinkthincd

    thinkthincd Silver Member

    I am planning on having the night off totally to be honest, i've had this date planned for a long time before i started this diet, and it is a close friends wedding that we are going to all day so will have to contend with a meal anyway. I really wanted to know if i should eat some carbs the day before to come out of ketosis so i can enjoy a couple of glasses of champers. Or whether it is ok to have them anyway. oh god confusing myself now. I just want to have it sorted in my own head as i'm already panicking about it and i don't want the first time i eat in 9 weeks to be overshadowed by what i can and can't have.

    Thanks to all who have replied, if anyone can tell me what they did at a planned occasion i would really appreciate it.

  9. Orange Plum

    Orange Plum Full Member

    Hi - I went to a wedding a few weeks ago. I was really careful about what I ate and I asked for my chicken without the sauce and ate the veg that came with it and left the potatoes - I didn't want to ruin all my hard work. It was cheesecake for pudding but I decided not to eat it!! (felt very virtuous afterwards). My CDC told me to also drink my drinks so that I would not feel too hungry and I drank loads of water too so that any drinks were not quenching my thirst and therefore you won't go overboard on the vodka and coke - what about alternating any drink you have with a glass of water or sparkling water for a treat and that way you won't be dehydrated and won't do too much damage. Good luck but make sure you enjoy it too!
  10. thinkthincd

    thinkthincd Silver Member

    Good idea re drinks, don't get me wrong i've already decided to avoid the starter and dessert, and i don't want to get blind drunk it would just be nice to have a night off, i'm not worried about putting on as much as i am about feeling ill. I've not eaten anything at all so really don't know how it will feel. I'm worried that we have been excited for this day for a year and then i will spend all of it in my hotel room with tummy ache!
  11. debz32

    debz32 Gold Member

    hey - if you plan to drinkk alcohol, you should really have some carbs...your brain in particular needs carbs to metabolise you need some carbs if you plan to drink :) dangerous to drink while in ketosis......


    Debz xx
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  12. thinkthincd

    thinkthincd Silver Member

    Thank you i thought it was but didn't want to question cdc, does it matter when i have them?

  13. debz32

    debz32 Gold Member

    u need to have carbs before you drink alcohol......have the day before and the actual day off CD....if that makes sense...

    Debz x
  14. Orange Plum

    Orange Plum Full Member

    Hi - just seen your other message. I too was very scared about eating but it was okay - I ate slowly and didn't eat too much. I also ate chicken or meat and protein meals on the other nights I was with my family. As soon as I was back home (was away for 4 nights) I was straight back onto the shakes and it was fine. Since then I have done the odd SS+ day as I have wanted the occasional chicken and veg/salad but it wasn't like having to restart again. I am sure if you increase your cals slowly over the week and then don't have too much to drink you will be just fine and have fun too. I am going on holiday in a month and v worried about how to cope with building up for that so will be interested to hear what advice you getxx
  15. preetone

    preetone Silver Member

    go 810 in the run up week, then the day before have some carbs, but dont over load on things like pasta, bread. try some lower carb foods, so they bring u out of ketosis but u dont undo ur great work.

    on the day eat whatever u choose, but i wud recommend drinking as much water as u can, as it will have been a while since u drank wine or anything, so will need to prevent the 'hung over' feeling

    hope that helps
  16. thinkthincd

    thinkthincd Silver Member

    Thanks everyone really great advice i feel a little easier now i know what i'm doing. So 810 mon to thurs, then i would imagine 810 plus some carbs on the friday, sat morn porridge as usual and choc velvet before wedding meal, then meal bar around 7 to avoid buffet where poss. Do you think thats sensible?

  17. Shadaca

    Shadaca Silver Member

    I think that is very sensible!

    My wedding is the other end of the country in durham - so have the journey up there the day before to contend with, still - life is good when there is so much love around!
  18. Elvira

    Elvira Mistress of the Dark

    that does sound sensible thinkthincd. at least you are planning ahead which reduces the risk of eating your weight in profiteroles on the day!!! xxx
  19. Shadaca

    Shadaca Silver Member

    18 stone of profiteroles... now there is a thought!!!!

  20. Elvira

    Elvira Mistress of the Dark

    it's a lovely and tempting thought hehe!!! actually no...i would quickly be sick!!! x

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