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hmmmm....back again......sigh!

Hi there
Well, have given up trying my own way. I am useless!!!!

I am now 2 stone heavier than where I want to be.....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

What is wrong with me! I am not unintelligent, I know what to eat to keep me a healthy weight - why do I not just do it!!!!!!

No excuses, I have eaten rubbish and even tho I am doing excercise x3 a week I am using that as an excuse to pig out :cry:

Kick up the bum time please! abstinence is the only way I can lose so I'm going for it for a month. I have left over packs from LL and exante and then I will move over to the left over diet chef stuff.

My aim is by the 1st May bank holiday to have lost a stone and then another 7lbs by the 2nd bank holiday weekend.

I need to get my arse back on minimins too as it really does keep me on track. There isn't a 'LLexantedietchef combination' forum so I'm coming back here - hope that is OK Folks!!!

Wish me luck, am just aboutto update stats - very depressing, but hey, day 1 nearly over!!!

daisy x
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good luck! and welcome back! xx
flippin eck - that was depressing! just tipped into obese... gotta get that BMI down!
Hi Daisy
Welcome back hun. How long till festival/shoulders time?
- not long enough, lol!
it's the thought of that which is motivating me.
Didn't manage to get Glastonbury tickets but keeping my fingers crossed for the resale - I have got them for V though

2 days done and all OK so far...
Thanks for the smacked bum, I needed that :)
Had a good week.
Have done LL all week until saturday where i did it then had a diet chef meal in the evening.
On sunday I did LL all day til evening when i have just had salmon and veg as i cooked a family roast meal

Mon - Fri I plan to do LL again completely.

Never tried this combination before - lets see if it works!

My weigh in day is Friday (at home) I was 4lb down from start so pleased.
I guess next Fri will be the telling day, see what sort of effect eating a meal on weekend evenings has on weight loss

Daisy x


...we're sinking deeper.
Hey Daisy! You poor soul, I know the pains of just tipping into the 'Obese' category again! It's so ... UGH! SUCH a pain in the ass. Doing it yourself when it seems like a futile exercise with no end in sight is so defeating as well... I tried and tried on my own.. Finally I admitted defeat. I'm glad to see you're here with me though, we can do it together. :)
Make a point to make a blog post as often as you can! I think it's important, to reflect on your day, to see your strengths and weaknesses.

I know you can do it! Be positive. Be proud of yourself that you are still nowhere near your starting weight. You are working through your block points, it's never as easy as snapping your fingers and all your problems to be gone in one go! I'm learning that the hard way too.

Just never give up on yourself. That's the most important thing.
Cheers Min
Well my weight this morning was the same as on friday morning so my 2 meals have been OK!
I am now thankfully just overweight, no longer obese! Pyschologically much better for me :)
Here's to a good day today!
Daisy x

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
hi daisy , welcome back ,
best of luck hun , im on a random combo too , seems to be going ok , just trying to plod on to a comfortable size again post bubba , its a journey thats for sure :0)xxx
hi there
lovely to hear from you. congratulations!!! What did you have? it doesn't seem 5 mins ago you were announcing you were expecting!
daisy x

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
hi daisy i had a boy 9 lb 11 oz , hes 6 months now :) time does certainly fly , how are you doing ?
9lb 11 - ouch!!!
6 months? OMG where does time go?
I'm fine - can't get my head round this weight loss stuff tho. I think its all or nothing with me and i just can't get my head round the nothing bit at the moment - keep making excuses to eat so i'm obviously not in the zone at the moment :-(

i'm not doing badly - but i think having been on LL it makes losing half a pound at a time seem like you are doing badly, which is daft as long as the scales are going down its not a bad thing is it.

How is your 'random combo' diet going?

daisy x
Daisy!! I have to tell you that I'm starting again, actually heavier than when I started LL by a few lbs!! I have to lose that same 6 stone again, which is okay, as I know I can do it (and I have a beautiful baby girl to show for it!), but I'm craving like mad tonight. I started Monday this week on Cambridge, because I can't afford LL unfortunately. CWP is fine though! Better in some ways, not in others. I know I can do it and unofficially I think I've lost about 10lb - I get weighed in for my first week tomorrow.

So the picture below is my 'after' from two years ago - I'm not brave enough to post my 'before' from now, but maybe in a few weeks!! I'll get to my 'after' again!

Just wanted to say, please get focussed because I swear it will creep and creep and creep, until you want to kick yourself!!
Hi Poppy,
Welcome back, Cambridge or LL.
Hope it's going well xxx:)
Hi Poppy!
Good luck - i had a look back at my photos after reading your post i could have cried with frustration! ( although I do think I got too thin and did look a bit of a lollipop head!)
I'm not in the right haed zone at the moment, too much going on - took VR at work 2 weeks ago, daughter just had tonsils out, had car accident ...excuses excuses i know! I will sort myself out soon

Hope you are doing OK with Cambridge
daisy x
SB - you are amazing!! Look how long you have maintained for now. You must have completely changed your mindset around food. In fact, I've just started reading the Beck book and I'm hopeful that I'll change my mindset too, so this is the last time that I will have to do this and will be able to maintain like you!

Daisy, I know you've had a hard time at the moment. I'm keeping an eye on FB with fingers crossed that you get a new job really soon. That must have been a really hard decision! Hope T is recovering ok too, did her pain get under control?

Just give yourself time, you'll know when it's right. Cambridge is a lot cheaper but very similar if you wanted to try it. I prefer some of the foodpacks on LL, but Cambridge does have the tetra packs and some nice bars, which I think I am probably going to live on!

I really recommend the Beck book - not sure if you have read it, but I've only read a bit of it and it's making loads of sense to me.

Good luck with it and keep looking at those photos. You'll do it when you are ready. xxx
Tas is aboslutely fine now - completely back to normal. kids recover so quick from operations, compared to when I had mine out 10 years ago- i was bad for at least 14 days and then not normal for at least another week!
Work - hmmm, cos its easter holidays at the moment there is nothing advertised. i can't decide what I want to do - go for part time, full time, class teacher or deputy - or do something completely different. Its not really stressing me yet (though I suppose it is in a awy I am just squshing the stress with eating - completely normal behaviour for me which unfortunately LL didn't change!!)
After the Easter break I'm hoping to get some supply work and I'm going to join a gym so I have a focus to my days rather than just what to eat next, lol!
Hope you still doing well on cambridge
Have finally reached bursting point!
My head is in the right place, I'm sick of food
Day 1 in abstinence completed!
daisy x
Well done Daisy!! :)
Day 2 almost done - I must be well on the way to ketosis!
Just off to look at some photos for inspiration :)

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