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Hmmmm..... eewwwww.. yuck!



My husband = My hero
Oh god i could of told you and saved you the awful experience!

Lol.. thanks Lauren! You found it the same then?


please try again
now that sounds real special, lol

think ill stick with my choc mint al the same


Slowly but surely x
im with you, Claire - chocmint is LUSH

I find the Banana one really offensive but not as bad as the hideous forest fruits - MING!
Love choc mint....blended with ice!
omg its foul, I remember cos I had 2, I tried the next 1 hot and thats even worse if you can believe it


please try again
im with you, Claire - chocmint is LUSH

I find the Banana one really offensive but not as bad as the hideous forest fruits - MING!
i live on choc mint, i have 3 a day and have done for months on end, im very predictable, think my cdc would have a heart attack if i asked for anything else, lol

i used to have banana wayyyyyy back in 2007 ( im a restarter ) and loved em back then

also used to have the strawberry and banana tetras before my tastebuds got sick of em

the choc tetra thou, ewwwwwwww
i had one of em, was at a coffee morning at a special needs nursery with madam, couldnt stomach it so set it down under my chair. looked down 10 minutes later to find several of the so called immobile kids, madam included had scooted over and were sharing it between them, lol rather them than me

oh and the old broccoli and cheese soup, that was just pure evil in a bowl


Slowly but surely x
lol Claire, my dig like to lick my cup out after my choc mint shake....he could do with losing a few pounds, the little porker


My husband = My hero


Now Maintaining :)
I only tried the choc orange shake once. The initial taste was ok and I did finish it, but afterwards I had an upset stomach and felt sick for the rest of the day. Never again!
Totally with the choc orange haters - it's vile. The only shake I've tried that's made me heave. As for broccoli and cheese soup, Claire - LOL. I didn't get any further than sniffing it before tipping it down the sink. Can't think why they discontinued that one! :D
I cannot believe so many of you hate it - I love it! It's one of my faves :) I hate all the soups and porridges, now they ARE vile!!!
the choc orange is vile. smells so good but tastes like you're eating liquid toilet remnants. tried making it into a muffin and it just didn't work and taste extra bad.

choc, choc mint, peanut bars, a&c porridge plus a couple of soups are my main stay.

hated the tom soup and the oriental chilli, also hate the fruity shakes. like them when i have the mousse which i don't often buy.
I have one other pack of the orange if anyone wants me to post it to them for them to try... save you having to use one of your weekly allowance on it.
Choc orange shake not good but as a mix a mousse its good imo now the choc orange bar!! Eeeewwww thats awfull!

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