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Im on day 12 and im struggling, im getting pretty sick of it, trying to get motivation to keep me going, all my friends are going out drinking tonight, i dont know whether to go out and not drink or not. On top of that its totm so i dont feel like im gonna lose any weight this week at all, plus its totm, feeling pretty bloated, not very nice. i dunno what to do..:wave_cry:
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Go out!!!!!! Dance the night away and burn the lbs?!? Lifes for living not hiding away!! Chin up!!
My first week is over -11lbs whoop xxx
@kimby, I feel the same, day 11 and for the past few days iv really struggled, today worse than anyday. Iv been going to bed early to stop the temptation but today its been all day. Iv still not come on so Im so bloated I feel im stuck (I know its silly). I dont know whether its due to not coming on yet that iv felt like this for days but im really fed up :(

I couldnt go out without drinking (just being honest) but if you can get out there!!!

Meanwhile im trying my best to rid myself of 'just start again tomorrow' thoughts.

Hope you get out there and have a ball :)

Hi, day 11 for me too and really struggled today. I find the weekends hard when I'm at home. Just had vanilla shake made up with warm coffee for a change. Was really nice. So glad I didn't cave in. Hope you didn't either.



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hey everyone, thanks for all the great responses, well i went out, it was AWFUL! I think its because it was a foam party, everyone was bananas drunk! pulling me out into the foam when i didnt want to go and i had work at half nine the next morning, and then i felt like such a dryballs cos i am usually well up for anything when im out, so i left early, but on the bright side i didnt crack and i have my second weigh in today, woop, wish me luck. @Harrys mum, Really, i heard the vanilla shakes were just horrible so i only got all chocolate, i might grab one today to give it a try! @claire 1978, how are you getting on now, did you hang in there? i know those start again tomorrow thoughts very well, trust me, every morning i nearly eat anyway cos i have dreams the night before that i broke it and they feel soo real! but then i am so proud of myself every day i stick to it, i just imagine how i would feel after i ate something and realise its not worth it, are you the same? @Tay10r WOW, 11lbs is amazing in your first week, you must be so proud of yourself, i tried to dance, i really did but the foam everywhere was really annoying me plus i forgot to have my last shake on saturday night so id say that didnt help my mood either, and its totm!


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Yes I do feel pretty good being 11lbs lighter!
This weekend has been tough just not normal work routine, weekends were always my pig out sessions as it wasnt structured! HOPEFULLY from this I can learn I dont have to eat my bodies weight of food just because its the weekend lol!
I only say go out and dance because last time I did this my friend did it with me and we went out pretty much every weekend was fun to have a dance see people chat to people dance, go home at a respectable time and wake up minus the hangover lol!!!!
Good Luck at weigh in!
Hi Kimby,

No :( fell off saturday night but in a way im glad because I was completely and utterly devastated.. I didnt feel better.. I felt infinitely worse so it has taught me a very valuable lesson.. 100% TFR is the only way to go.

So proud of u for going out! but you sound sooo like me lol if I go out without drinking Im just in a mood cos I cant cope with drunken people(even tho every other time I am the drunken person!!).
ps I love the vanilla shakes!! I put 400ml in a blender, a handful of ice cubes and away we go, one tasty shake! I also like to mix it up by putting a small teaspoon of coffee mmmmmmmmmmmm :)

Also at night I put a peppermint tea bag in my mug of boiling water, then transfer the contents (minus tea bag of course!) to the blender and mix in the chocolate shake eh presto mint hot chocolate :D got these ideas on here they are great!!!!!!!!!
Hey all - Well done indeed heading out and dancing the night away! I found the weekend pretty tricky too with everyone going out after work on friday for pints and then another gang headed out on Sat. I stayed put and watched TV - it was my first weekend on TFR ever so I have to admit I found it hard. First weigh-in today and down 8 lbs so pleased with that as TOTM too. Thought I would switch to maintenance but have decided to give TFR another week and see how I go. One day at a time and Day 8 nearly done! The mint choc shake is great by the way! Am with you guys on going out and not having a few drinks when everyone else is, its just not the same!! I have a wedding to go to on July 8th - wondering if I should switch to maintenance that week as have read that drinking on ketosis can be dangerous.....is that true?


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@Tay10r you were right though i probably would have had a worse time at home thinking about food and thinking about what im missing when everyone else is out, at least i got out and took my mind off it anyway. i have the same problem, my weekend consists of drinking and eating chinese, indian and lots more junk food, basically my whole weekend revolves around eating and drinking, i need to get out of that habit, hopefully this diet will make me rethink my eating habits and make me realise there is more to life...nothing tastes as good as the feeling we are all going to feel gliding into that smaller pair of jeans.. ha ha!

@claire1978 yea, i realised when i was out the people that were annoying me were my friends and im clearly like that when im out too, right in the middle of it, ha ha, prob annoying someone else!!! the ideas for the vanilla shakes sound sooo good, i havent tried it yet, i am actually looking forward to my choc shakes blended with ice now, im learning to love them..weird!

@lea-m Well done, 8lbs is great, i lost 6lbs. was happy enough. I find it a lot easier during the week, when im working, it kinda takes my mind off food, the weekends are so hard, im starting to dread them now, when i used to live for the weekend!!! Your dead right to be taking it one day at a time, thats the only way i would have got to where i am now, im on day 16 now, i would never have seen myself here at about day 3 or 4, nearly threw the towel in, but its getting easier.. Yea i heard drinking in ketosis is very dangerous too, something about your blood sugar levels spike, i heard you can go into a coma, i know that sounds very dramatic but thats what i read, so be careful, definitely ask your pharmacist about that. im kinda happy i read that though cos its the only thing that stopped me drinking last weekend, hee hee!

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