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holiday advice/ideas?

Im going on holidays on 27th august for 2 weeks to portugal.
Im planning on sticking to the diet 100% ss ( as well as add a meal weeks here and there) before the holiday.
When im away i'll have a break from cd altogether ( but still eat healthily) im also planning on swimming several lengths of the pool every morning and going for long walks up the beach in the evenings.
Hopefully when i get home and hop on the scales I won't have gained too much. But regardless i'll be back on cd 100% to lose the rest of my weight before christmas!

If i were you i would take your holiday as a 'break from the shakes' but just try not to over indulge. Then when you get back get straight back onto cd.
Hi Miss Mallow, thanks for advice. I'm just scared i wouldn't get back on it. But to be honest I don't think i could manage it on holiday - i'd maybe even rather not go - how sad is that?
I'll be in Spain in 1 months time and am planning on sticking to ss+ for the whole time.

A couple of years ago I got down to around 12 stone, then went on holiday, said I would eat healthy, lost the plot when I got there, told myself it would be ok, I'll sort it when I get back, got home, thought I'll just have this and that before I go back to losing weight and never quite got round to it, and so put on all the weight I'd lost.

So I'm learning from past mistakes, and am looking forward to hitting my 2 stone mark when I get back from holiday. And I know the next holiday I'll go on I'll have a fab figure and will have done a lot of work to help me overcome my overeating, and all the same foods will be there if I wish to indulge.

It took me a while to come to this decision, and some help from the lovely people on here. Good luck with whatever you decide to do :)
I felt the same way... believe me.
I know for sure that there is no way i would stick to cd on my holiday. I think its better to plan to deviate rather than try to stick with cd and fail.
Im going self catering with my partner and another couple, usually when we go on hols we eat out every night and I wouldn't expect them to change this trend simply because im on a diet.
It's all about making better choices.
Just tell yourself that you are going to go off plan for the duration of your holiday, but always be aware that the weight you put on will have to come off again.
To be honest this diet is pure torture for me so theres no way im going to eat crap and undo all my hard work!
I also think the break from cd shakes is going to be a good practise for me healthy eating in preparation for when im in the later stages of the diet.
I was eating pizza and chocolate right up until the night before i started cd, so i've never really practised a healthy lifestyle. Im looking forward to being able to go away and eat proper food and be sociable again. Look at it as your reward for being so strict with yourself before hand!
I just don't know. I agree with you both. I honestly don't think I could stick to it but I also think if I came off it I wouldn't get back on. Let's just hope I'm still sticking to it by then anyway as I've been obsessing about food all day.
the other option I considered was cd for breakfast and lunch, then a protein dinner. If you have a look at the Atkins diet, they eat meat, it's low carb like cd and you would stay in ketosis. As long as you didn't eat loads of fatty meat, and went for healthier meat and didn't eat non-stop you would lose weight, and could come back and go straight back to ss without that horrible time getting into ketosis. You just have to look at some of the threads on here to see how some people struggle to get back into ss after eating on their hols.

I decided against this option as I know once in a restaurant and surrounded by temptation I would struggle, so it is easier for me to take the restaurant out of the equation.

I hope you are not stressing too much, holidays are a time for relaxing, and no-one knows you better than you, so as long as you make the right decision for you, stick with it, and know what to expect when you come back, you'll be fine ;)


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By the time we go on holiday in June, I shall hopefully be on 810. We're going to a place with an amazing buffet (we went last year, so I know!) so I will need to restrain myself. Fortunately for me, I'm not very interested in eating hot dinners in a hot climate - so sticking to salads and cold meat won't be too much of a problem for me. The puddings will be a problem however! (I'll only have one if it looks utterly irresistible - honest. :eek:)

I shall have a small bowl of muesli or flakes in the morning, and take some CD bars with me to eat at lunchtime. I won't be drinking any booze, and I'll try and limit my drinks to fizzy water.

Of course, this isn't perfect and it is off the diet. However, I'm on holiday so I do want to enjoy myself a little bit! :eek: Doubtless I will put on some pounds, but going straight back to 810 when I get home should sort that out in a fairly short space of time.

I think moderation is the key! :)
Thanks Sarah, I love the idea about the low carb dinner.


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Hi, I have been thinking about how to do on holidays as well. And for the summer too. I am going on a two weeks road trip, and can't continue because I can't bring a blender. We don't have tetras here in Sweden (I assume they are readymixed), and we are not allowed bars during the strickt period.

So what I decided to do is to take a holiday from cambridge too, and do good choices when on the trip, and get right back on the plan when I get home.

I am thinking about the summer in general too. There is always more social events then, barbecues, after works, picnics, meeting friends and usually going out to eat or drink something. One one hand I could take my shake before, and explain, but sitting with a sparkling water may not be so exiting.

I do agree that sometimes it is easier just not going on holidays/these occasions. Sure, a bit sad, but this is for such a short period of my life anyway. I am a bit torn! I know it is so much easier to stick to a diet if I don't take breaks.


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I am losing weight for my holiday on 10th July. I refuse to go on holiday and not make the most of it. I am only going for a week, but it's all inclusive and I am not going to do without. 3 years ago I went to Mexico on a 5* 24 hour all inclusive and I only put 3lb on. I was really good, never had pudding, lived on prawns and went to the gym in the hotel every day. Never again - yes, I only put 3lb on in two weeks, but I certainly didn't take advantage of all that lovely food on offer.

I do intend to TRY and be good this time, but I fully intend to come back home and start the diet again to shift my extra stone and whatever I put on on holiday. That's my plan.
I went away over Easter whilst I was still SSing. Took all my sachets and blender with me to Portugal :eek:. I was happy to do this, my head was in the right place IYKWIM. We went SC, so having my CD meals was not a problem at all. I went out to eat twice but was very sensible as I was keen not to undo all the effort of the previous 11 weeks! Ate low carb and had no pud or alcohol. Missed 2 WIs as a result of being away, but had lost 5.5lbs over 3 wks by the time I got weighed again :).

Soon2bslimmer x
Soontobeslimmer, your weight loss is so encouraging and what you just told me. SC is prob the key. Thanks
Ive just got back from portugal where I was there for 11 days. Some days I ss'd, other days I had a nice meal of fish and salad for dinner, and a couple of days i binged on bread, ice cream and choccy. I was exercising every day and walking about 4 miles each day. I put on almost 9lbs! However I SS'd the moment I got back and lost that in about 4-5 days so obviously it was more water weight than anything else!


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Further to my reply above, my CDC told me last night that I shouldn't really be eating bars on SS+ (I put on 1½ lbs in my first SS+ week! :eek:) - so I'll be missing out lunch altogether and just having breakfast and dinner. What we did last year was just take extra fruit at breakfast time and eat it at lunchtime, which seemed to be fine. (Saves me having to take any CD stuff too.)

Hope I won't put on too much! :eek:


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Why can you not have bars on ss+? I am on wk 3 of 100% and get weighed tonight and dreading it as had bars every night and funnily enough I dont think I will get a good loss this week. Is it best to avoid bars altogether then?

Further to my reply above, my CDC told me last night that I shouldn't really be eating bars on SS+ (I put on 1½ lbs in my first SS+ week! :eek:) - so I'll be missing out lunch altogether and just having breakfast and dinner. What we did last year was just take extra fruit at breakfast time and eat it at lunchtime, which seemed to be fine. (Saves me having to take any CD stuff too.)

Hope I won't put on too much! :eek:

What, since when?? I thought you could have bars any time after 2 weeks?


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It was just a piece of advice from my CDC I think (not written in stone!). She suggested that as I was now adding a meal, eating bars as well might lead to slower weight loss as they're higher in calories than the other meals. As SS+ has obviously been a bit of a shock to my system, I don't want to jeopardise my weight loss by adding calories where I don't need them! :eek:

This is Option 2 I'm talking about of course - I guess anyone doing Option 1 would probably be OK with bars?


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Got a 3lbs loss on bars every night so I was fine with them but do understand where you are coming from jaycey with the ss+ options and you do have to watch when introducing food as too many carbs too fast can indeed slow down the weightloss even more..........common sense really............x


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I plan on sticking to SS 100% until i reach my goal weight.

My boyfriend, who I have been with almost 3 weeks but known for years, is keen to go away every month for a weekend. Hes also got tickets for the MotoGP at Donnington, and a big weekend car show at Santa Pod in August. This isnt a problem for me as he knows my plans. He is very supportive of me.

My main family holiday, a week in wales, could be though! I'm not too sure my parents are going to be too suportive!

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