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holiday advice needed

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Hello all, I've got a bit of a problem with an up and coming holiday and I could do with some sensible practical advice. I have been on exante t/s for a week and a half and I am trying to lose a further 25-30lb by mid September (approx 13 weeks). In early July I am going on holiday for the first time in 3 years and I am understandably excited. So far I have lost 8lb and by the time I go on holiday (2 weeks) I am hoping this will be about a stone. My problem is this - if i come off exante for my holiday (10 days) and eat normally (and i will try to be good, but it is a holiday so if i am honest it may not be entirely good) and try to go back on exante when I come back will this totally kill my enthusiasm and mess with my metabolism? I have found the first week and a half quite tough and i would be sentancing myself to go through it again. Would I be jepordising my long term goal? I could try to stay on exante when I am on holiday but I would imagine we will be eating out at nights etc so it would be quite difficult and I would expect my other half would become quite upset if he was left to eat alone.

Any help or ideas please! What would you do honestly? would you:

stick to exante t/s on holiday?
Eat normally on holiday and worry about it later?
or try to do some combination of both?


thanks in advance
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Hi its a tough one isn't it? Holidays are very much about enjoying yourself and for a lot of us that means eating and drinking. I know that in the past I have gone on holiday with good intentions and then thought stuff it I'll deal with the weight when I get back. It usually takes me months to get back in the zone and by that time I have put on even more weight.

If I were you I would take your packs and have a low carb meal in the evening. That way you are still on your diet but just following a higher plan for a few weeks. Or you could leave the packs at home and eat low carb but coming off the packs totally may make it difficult to stay focused when the holiday is over. I defeinately wouldn't just go away and eat normally as it were.

I know its hard especially as you haven't had a holiday for a while but if you can stay on some sort of plan so you at least dont gain when you are away just think how fantastic you will feel come September. You only have to do this for a couple of months and then the next time you go on holiday you will be able to be more relaxed re the food.

S: 12st10lb C: 11st6lb G: 10st5lb Loss: 1st4lb(10.11%)
Thanks for the advice Jac, I've given it a lot of thought and think I will switch to the Working solution from next week. That way my body has time to adjust and when I'm on holiday I can at least enjoy an evening meal with my partner without worrying too much about the consequences (although on holiday it might be more of a simple solution diet)! This way even if I don't have any weight loss over the holiday period, it is still better than putting weight on, and hopefully it will help keep my moral and diet ethusiasm up.

I figure if I still have 2 months after my holiday to lose about 20lb, and even if I have to switch back to total solution then I will hopefully get there.

Thanks again, and good luck to anyone else who is facing a holiday versus diet crisis!


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