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holiday - alcohol

I'm going away soon, and I forgot to ask my cdc and I'm not seeing her till I get back now.
I'm not actually doing the Cambridge while on holiday, but I am doing a low carbs diet, not completely cutting out. I'm just going to have fruits, veg, salad and chicken mainly. Anyway, I want to be able to have a drink.
What would people suggest? I'm not a spirit drinker, because I know spirits and diet mixers would be best for me, but I don't like them. I do like liqueurs (tia maria) but I'm sure thats not going to be the better option. I'm a lager and wine drinker normally, not red though. rose or dry/medium white.
I just want to get back and not have put too much on :(
I don't expect to lose anything but it would be nice to maintain
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Sorry hun, wine & lager are the worst ones! I can only think maybe have white wine with soda in it to water it down but that kinda defeats the object doesn't it?

Do you not like any spirits? I'm not keen but can drink say bacardi with diet lemo x


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I always thought lager was fairly low carb?

And saying that it all very much depends, if you are sticking to lager because its low carb,but still racking up the 250 calories a pint (say 4 pints), or drinking liquers at a much lower level and saving calories in the long run.

Hold on I'm away to have a look at NV's online brb


S: 15st12.5lb C: 15st9lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 35.3 Loss: 0st3.5lb(1.57%)
Carling Lager - 1/2 pint
80 calories, 10g carbs

Tia Maria - original - 25ml
75 calories, 0 carbs

according to Food Focus - Permanent Weight Loss

So seems I was wrong about the lager - just goes to show eh?
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I've heard from a few places that gin and slim-line tonic is the lowest calorie alcoholic drink - not sure how it tastes or anything but this is what I hear anyway!
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My tipple is gin and slimline tonic. It's lurvely. Occasionally I will have vodka and diet coke though. Don't need many these days which is great - saves on the pennies ha ha.
My CDC gave me a booklet to look at for when I move up the plans. In that it says a small glass of medium white wine (125ml)is 92 calories, a small glass dry white wine (125ml) is 83 calories, a small glass of red wine is 85 calories and an average lager bottled (300ml) is 73 calories. The alcohol-free or low alcohol drinks are the best coming in at between 21 and 43 calories but what's the point of that ha ha.
thanks for all the replies

yum at tia maria though, the odd one or two shouldnt do much harm.

i used to drink gin and tonic, not had it for a long time, i should give it another go.

vodka YUCK

i might give bacardi and lemonade a go, never tried it, just always assumed i wouldnt like it.
i might use the holiday for just testing out loads of low calorie/carb alcoholic drinks...even if i dont like them im not gonna let it go to waste, therefore getting sloshed in the meantime


can see the end in sight!
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Gin and tonic is my tipple too! not for a long time now though. i also love red wine, but that's not great for you. i would be careful though as i bet it won't take much for you to be legless after so long on SS!

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