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Holiday Destination Ideas please x

Hi folks, was wondering if anyone could help me please?

Am looking to go on an All Inclusive holibob in September, and have a budget of £600pp (could push it a little if need be)
I'm thinking Med with the price, i don't think it would stretch to Caribean/Mexico/USA.

The only reason i am asking on here is i need real world suggestions of places that are lovely in Europe as all my holidays have been further afield (like September was meant to be but life just has to go and get in the way!) and i don't actually know where would be good to go!

A little info on us, 2 adults, no kids, one who loves lounging by the pool with a cocktail in hand (that would be me :p, and another who loves photography and history.

Is there anywhere that springs to mind? Planning on two weeks, so somewhere that has enough to go on 2/3 excursions a week, whilst leaving plenty of time for relaxing.

Not interested in Spain (seen quite a lot of it already) Turkey (hubby went years ago and really didn't like it and doesn't want to go back) or France.

Doesn't necessarily have to the Med, but it does need to be round a bout that budget, all inclusive, in a definately warm climate for September.

Hope that this isn't too cheeky, just keep looking at brochures and there's so many places and i have no idea about any of them!

*just to add, Croatia and Greece appeal to me, but prices for AI to them is coming up over £1000 so that's a no-go this year :(

Thanks so much for any suggestions you could give me and i appreciate you taking the time to respond.

Have a fantastic day :D x
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Oh no - I was going to suggest Croatia :( I went there in the late 70's when it was still Yugoslavia and had a brilliant holiday. I always intended to go back but never got round to it until last year when we had a couple of stops on a European cruise. Dubrovnik / Porec springs to mind - lovely history / photo opportunity and plenty of sun & sand for relaxing.

Have you considered leaving it late & trying for a last minute deal? Choice will go 2nd but price could be worth risking it.


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How about Egypt? Sharm, Dahab or Luxor all have AI hotels with lots of excursions. The alcohol isn't the best, but I'm sure they can do a couple of decent cocktails.
Also, it's not Europe!
Thank you for your replies :)

I am happy to wait and book towards the end of August. We have annual leave booked and well as the dogs booked in with their holiday family so am in a position to book within a week/10 days I just wasn't sure if you could get better package deals at short notice or not? I know a lot of things are book early for best price but as I said am happy to wait :)

Have done Egypt, we did Luxor and Cairo last time so think Sharm is a definite possibility, although are there excursions other than the usual pyramids etc? Might have to go look into that.

I really don't mind where it is as long as its hot. Was hoping to do Mexico but that will have to be next year due to prices.

I appreciate your comments guys, thank you :) x


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If you stay around the Sinai area in Egypt there are plenty of boat trips to National parks such as Ras Mohammed and also trips into the desert.
Not really any history though unless you want to travel to Cairo or Luxor which you've already done.
Thank you, I will go and look into Sharm excursions now. Also may try and see if I can find any Croatia deals :) you never know I may just be looking in all the wrong places :)


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I love Fuerteventura....lovely weather and you have some great AI hotels in Jandia.....not much tour wise, sand dunes in the north of the island or u can get ferries to lanzarote. There are weekly markets in correlejo too.

I think the one i stayed at was Thomson Princess. X
As soon as I read your post Egypt came to mind.
We love the place and we've been many times over the years visited Cairo, Luxor, Alexandria and Hurghada.

If you pick up a First Choice brochure all of their holidays are now all inclusive so that might help you decide on something too.

Thank you! :)

Have been looking on First Choice this morning, and a couple of Greece ones came up in budget. Zante and Corfu (they both had excursions that we would like) Has anyone been to either? or both? Do you have any comments on them please?

Spoke to hubby, and he's not really up for Egypt, mostly because we have seen so much of it, also we went in September last time and pretty much melted. However i have told him that i want to go to Hurghada in February as it's our anniversary and we always go somewhere, It was his choice this year and he choose New York, and i was freezing lol!
Also Hurghada is where we first went on holiday together 13 years ago, so thought it might be apt :D

I really do appreciate your suggestions folks, please keep them coming :)

Mrswilsoncroft - Mexico soon right? Am a little jelly belly here hehe hope you have a wicked time hun xxx
Oh I remember holidays. They were the days when I could actually fit in the seat of a plane and the seatbelt would fasten around me :sigh: I always liked Menorca and even Tenerife if you avoid horrors like Playa de las Americas where you have to step over the drunks even at 10.00 in the morning!
Kefalonia...shall look at prices for there. Thank you :)

Tenerife sounds like a party town, like Ibiza and aiya napa (sp) not sure i have the energy these days lol but thank you too :)

At least knowing pools, beaches and swim wear are in my future should give me a boot up the Jacksie lol x
Why do you want to go AI? You could go somewhere like Jordan, easyjet fly there from London relatively cheap, check out Trivago/Agoda for accommodation & then add in the price of food which will be cheap & it could fall within your budget. I've just come back from hols so I'll get my thinking cap on & see if I can come up with anything else:D
Thank you :D

AI this time round is purely from a budget standpoint, i find with that i don't need to save as much spending money, as it is all bundled in together, all i really need is some pennies for souveniers and excursions. Not necessarily opposed to non AI, it's more what can i get in the price range, you know?
As long as its nice and warm for my arthritic bones hehe :p x
A cruise is certainly something i do want to do, always have, but a little pricey. I normally have my holidays planned well in advance which usually means they are quite expensive, i'm no good at this last minute thing lol :D

Thank you ladies very much :)

Where did you go on your cruise MrsWilsonCroft? xxx
How about Tunisia, you'll definitely have the weather, nice pool with bar, nice food & OH will have his history & lots of lovely places to photograph, my other thoughts are mainland Greece, we went to Stoupa many years ago but took a day trip to Olympia that was amazing, such a fantastic place, definitely history there!!!!

Don't know if you've ever been to Greece, it's lovely, the people are very helpful, but the accommodation can be basic, but don't let that put you off it is a brill place to go.
I do want to go to Greece, i was looking at some of the islands, as i could do them in budget, Tunisia i have never thought of, but being so close to Turkey (i think, my geography was never great) I would imagine the weather would be fab.

I do remember making my husband promise last year that he would take me on a cruise this year....i wonder if they do late deals? Although i would imagine all the best cabins would be gone this late in the game? He would need a balcony one (i did check, they are usually about £200 pp more expensive) as he doesn't really like super enclosed spaces and i think no room access to get outside might put him off quite a bit.

Ah decisions decisions.....need to win the lottery cos i could quite happily spend my life travelling! :D x

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