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Holiday Eating


Bring it on!
Has anyone got suggestions about how best to ensure i don't gain (or it's minimal) whilst on holiday? I'm self catering so that's good, and i'm going to Cyprus so lots of fresh salad and meats..but there's also lots of lovely restaurants i like to eat in (most notably Fat Mama's!) I'm taking my scales and my books, to try and help. I also plan to swim lengths every day and do a little walking. I'm desperate not to do too much damage and lose my momentum. Oh and i forgot to say we're away for a month!
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You could try nutral foods during the day and saving your Hex and syns for the evening. I do that if I am going out for dinner in the evening, but it could be a tough one for a whole month. You may also find extra easy works best whilst you are away. Do make sure that you have a lovely time though!


Slow but sure....
You could enjoy your food but maybe no drinking!!!....difficult I know when on holiday, but just a suggestion, have a good time, safe journey to you.


Bring it on!
Good idea about free in the day, that should be fairly simple. I don't drink anyway so i won't have trouble there! My downfall is ice cream, but i think there is fat free whipped yogurt so that will only cost me syns for the whizzed up fruit!


Trying again!!!
I'm so jealous ~ I love Cyprus, one of my fave places! I agree with JoJo ~ EE would probably be best and try to eat as much free food during the day ~ all that lovely fresh fruit and salads and seafood etc. I always found that I was never that hungry during the day coz of the heat. The main thing is enjoy, have a good time xx
Hi Chuffy,

I'm worried about this too. Going away on Sat for 2 weeks half board in Ibiza. I was kind of thinking to stick to Red days as much as poss. Maybe eggs and toast for brekkie and some fruit, salad for lunch with fish or meat. Then that would leave me a HExB for dinner, so I could have a few potatoes with some fish/meat and salad. My weaknesses will be the desserts and having an evening drinkie or 2! I may check out how many syns in a scoop of ice cream, to have with some fruit. Then enjoy a couple of vodka and diet cokes of an evening. Unless the puddings look too good, then all my good intentions may go out the window!!

Good luck with keeping to it while you're away. When do you go? And for a whole month, you lucky thing! xx


Bring it on!
I'm away for the whole of August so it'll be scorching! Maybe that'll stop me feeling hungry! Hopefully i'll post from an internet cafe just so i don't fall too far from the wagon as it were!
lol i agree with judi.. its once a year, and if u dont go too wild u shouldnt put to much on! over xmas i litterally ate like a horse! i put on 7lb, lost it again in a week! ul b fine

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