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Holiday in Greece (and food)


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Hi all

We have just booked to spend a week in Crete next month :family2:
Now I am not intending following SW too religiously whilst on holiday, however I don't want to come home having piled on loads and loads. Yep, I am aware of syns in alcohol :cry:, but has anybody got some low syn eating out ideas when it comes to Greek food?
Jill x
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Ela ine

Likes to post, and eat.
Feta and salad!


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Feta as a HEX? Sounds fine - love the stuff :)

Ela ine

Likes to post, and eat.
Yeah - I love it too :) and don't tend to drink milk on holiday, so can have twice as much. Aha.

I've not long come back from an all inclusive holiday in Morocco... I started off on plan but after day three gave up and had three meals a day/one dessert and 2 drinks - still managed to lose a pound!

This is what I would avoid/what i planned to avoid :p

By good I mean the healthiER choices and by bad the hidden syns... Okay so there is probably subs in most - but you're on holiday!!

Good: fresh fruits, ham, cottage cheese, natural yogurt (blergh - grab the sweetener) poached eggs, omelette (although watch for oil!)

Bad: most of the stuff (aha) but especially bacon WITH all that fat! Juicy sausages and pastries!

Good: salad, salad and more salad! Feta (aha) lean meats and fish/seafood

Bad: the thing I found the worse being all inclusive was steering away from the 'meals' at lunch time. Full portions of lasagne,and actual meals etc - wouldn't eat that much at home on a lunch time!

Good: If I had a starter I would try to make it soup (minus bread), salad or fish.
Cous cous/ stuffed peppers/veg and rice are usually all nice. Avoid creamy dishes!

Bad: creamy dishes! Over indulging on desserts because there is so much choice and bread you cut (and butter!) yourself.. Don't know whats wrong with me .. At home I avoid bread yet on holiday I was slicing bit chunks and spreading with butter (which is vile)

Anyway, this was just my experience (aha) hope you have a lovely time!

Body magic all the way!
P.s soleros/calipos/twisters et al > magnums, feasts and ice creams :D



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In greece i found it fairly easy to eat healthy - lots of fish & salad on offer. Though they do seem to serve chips with everything !


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Thanks for sharing your thoughts x
I guess it may be a bit easier in Greece (than it was in Germany at Easter - aahhhhr!), as a lot of meats and fish are indeed bbq'd. We have opted for self catering, so I hope there will be less temptation for me LOL.
We are intending to do a fair bit of walking and sight seeing, I am not a beach or pool person, I get bored stiff after 30 minutes. But there are lovely pools at the hotel where I can swim my rounds. Will try to sport some of the extra cals off.
Thank you xx


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I know what you mean about trying to eat healthily in Germany (esp in winter). I just despaired in the end. I wouldn't mind, but so many German people are so health conscious - it just isn't reflected in their meals out.

I think this hol will be a lot easier. Feta salad is delicious eaten in the sun, and is usually one of the cheapest things on the menu as well.

Hope you have a great time.


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Cheers :)
We went to Zante in 2009 and I remember the salads well. Yummy. I am not usually fond of tomatoes, but there they were absolutely delicious.

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