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Holiday over now got to get back on track


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Well back from a fab holiday in Vegas and LA ...first week I followed the simply filling plan and actually lost weight in that first week ..but then the second week and since I've been home been a proper pig and eaten everything in sight and the weights piled back on ...pretty disgusting really !!!! Anyway woke up this morning and decided enough is enough so jumping back on the wagon xx

Gonna be tough few days while all the cravings go but need to remember how much better I feel when I'm on plan xx wished I'd carried on being good now that'll teach me ....again !!!! ;)

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will hit target this time
at least you had a great time honey! don't dwell on the bad eating habits, just hop right back on the wagon, keep a diary and get plenty of water down ya :)

good luck :D xx


Overweight or undertall?!
glad you have a great holiday, if you are good from now on then you should get a fab loss next week which will be a great boost to keep you on track! x
I'm only back from America a week nd ate pretty healthy for most of it.... Tho that's not including the odd dunkin donuts or two;) .... Still found that I put on 4 pounds but I put it down to the fact that my tummy doesn't work the same on holidays as it does at home due to the change in temp and eating habits , also I was drinking so much water due to the heat so water weight is a factor also. Fours days being back on the plan had me back at my pre holiday weight so I was happy with that


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Thanks guys managed to get back on track and day 1 is done which is always the hardest ...so whatever I've gained this Wednesday will soon be gone again I'm sure xxx

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