Holiday Season query

This time its forever

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S: 136kg C: 69kg G: 70kg BMI: 23.9 Loss: 67kg(49.27%)
Im half way thru the weight I need to lose and have been 100% on 810 with no slips.

Anyway, Xmas/New years day are just around the corner and Im a bit nervous about eating things that are in the CD manual / have been advised I can eat that I dont normally eat on this diet, will it greatly affect my weight loss, will I put on weight.....Im so scared!

Has anyone been on CD over the holidays before and used their holiday allowance? What difference did it make to the weekly weigh in?

Im thinking of not following the Xmas menu and just staying on CD.

What is everyone else doing?

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No one replied to my post :( :(

Anyway, I decided on Xmas Eve that there are many more Xmas's to come so on Xmas Day I did a normal CD with turkey and salad for lunch and then 3 CD packs as usual. I intend to do the same for New Years too

Awww, sorry no one replied. For what it's worth, I think what you did was a brilliant idea!

Well done on sticking with it. :clap: Here's hoping the scales reward you accordingly!


This is my last diet....x
S: 16st4lb C: 14st1lb G: 8st13lb BMI: 36 Loss: 2st3lb(13.6%)
Well done u for sticking with it, iv been 100% from the start but slipped during Xmas and back at it 100% from today found it pretty difficult but iv done it and it can only get easier iv put on 8lb n I'm gutted but know I can get it off in a week.....but I also know I could have been another 6 lb down by now but not dwelling on it just going to keep going....also for a boost I'm joining the gym next Tuesday and I can't wait!!xxxxx

This time its forever

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S: 136kg C: 69kg G: 70kg BMI: 23.9 Loss: 67kg(49.27%)
At last, some love!!!!

Thanks girls

I have been 100% good since I started, Im so scared that if I do one thing different I will either slip into back habits or put on loads of weight! Im hoping by the end of the year to reach 100% and I aint letting no food stop me!

Oh yeah and when I had a weigh in on Tuesday I was rewarded by losing 2.1kgs (4.62lbs) :) :)