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Holiday tales

Hi everyone

Feeling a wee bit more in this time zone today!

We had a wonderful time in many ways, and in many ways it was a distressing visit as well, as family visits can often be.

The good parts first....it was wonderful to see mom, and my friends. Mom is still amazed at my weight loss, and due to her age (91) she is forgetful, and everyday was the same shocked comments! lol Bless her.

Her birthday party was great, but I could see changes in her from last year which were pretty upsetting. Let's face it - she's getting old, and the older she gets, the larger the Atlantic Ocean seems.

We had a fantastic time on our property, and we made good headway in its development. With the help of 6 of our friends, we spent the entire time building a garage. It felt more like a barn-raising, for the community spirit and help of our friends made it a uniquely emotionally charged event. It was beautiful, seeing so many give us their time and efforts. We could not have done it without them.

Having the garage built now is the first step in our getting to live on this land. And it is the first time I have spent more the a half hour at a time on the land. We now have a trailer to live in while we build, so we stayed there instead of a hotel in town. It was beautiful. It is the most serene, peaceful land, high on a hillside with a view of the entire valley below, and the gorgeous snow-covered volcano. We watched the weather change throughout the day, and enjoyed beautiful sunsets and sunrises everyday. We shared our space with deer, hares and squirrels. As well as snakes and scorpions!!! Which we will now be learning ways to eradicate these little ******* as they are not welcome! lol

But it was good for the soul, and it felt like home, and neither of us wanted to leave.

Back at moms, life is not so good. My 52 year old brother is a leech, and is sponging off of mom. He lives in her downstairs room, and never bothers to visit with her. The only time she sees him is when he needs money, and he is bleeding her dry. He is causing her to not sleep, and she looks as if she has not slept in months.

He disappeared when we arrived, and stayed away the entire time. He must have known our intention was to tell him to move on.

It is a very very sad situation. My brother is at an all time low, but he is not doing a thing to help himself - he blames the world for his situations, not himself. My husband is ready to kill him as he believes he has stolen from us. I can't admit he has, as its too painful, and I really don't know. Americans are raised that you are innocent until proven guilty, and I stand by that, but it is a very sad situation. I am so mad at my brother I could kill him, and I am so sad for him I could cuddle him. Talk about mixed emotions. It is a very difficult situation at the moment, and one I fear will only get worse, not better. :(

Between that upset, and trying to 'entertain' and provide for 6 people on a building site with no refrigeration or proper cooking facilities, I am afraid I have put on about 5 or 6 pounds. But I reached a point where there were other more important things for me to worry about, then how and where I would cook tofu. It just means that I now have to work extra hard the next few weeks and try to get it back off.

I missed everyone here, and thanks to those who left PM's and messages on the site. Mucho appreciated, and its good to be back.

I am trying to organise some photos for you and will do so as soon as I can.

I have a couple of before and afters to show - and not the kind we are accustomed too! So, watch this space!!!

i HOPE YOU all have been well and happy and are feeling good about yourselves and your great successes and losses!

Can't wait to get caught up!

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wow sounds amazing, will look forward to some photos!!
daisy x
HEre is a photo album of our "project". It is mainly progress of the garage building, which will probably be very boring, but I love them because it is the first ground-breaking we have done, and it is also the first building i have ever been a part of building!

There are lots of pics taken from the site so you can see the land, the land around us and the views from our property.

I hope they are not too boring!! THanks for looking! :)

Picasa Web Albums - J - California Ma...#
wow amazing views!!!
so fill me in about it - i must have missed earlier posts..

where is it, are you building a permanment home, or a holiday place

how far is the nearest house/town, it looks lovely and peaceful out there

when will you complete it?

questions questions!!
daisy x


I'm going to be slim
Wow what a garage I could live in that!!!!! you must feel very proud of the progress you all made it looks like you have very good friends both sides of the water
Pleased your back with us but how long before you take the permanent plunge
sorry to hear about the bruv but family are what we end up with the friends we choose
& the few pounds on will be back off in no time


Silver Member
Welcome back BL.We all missed your posts and sage advice.Pleased you had a great holiday,although I'ms ure it must have difficult saying bye to your Mum,expecially with the family situation.Take care x
Welcome back BL! I think you have been missed :)

Your prgoress on your property sounds so exciting, and I hope you enjoyed your time there despite the sadness you feel re your family situation.
Wow BL

I've got goose bumps from looking at your pictures. What progress. You look like a group of real pioneers. How hard it must have been for them a hundred years ago without our mod cons.
What a difference coming back here. It must be so hard for you both.
looking forward to seeing you soon.
Lots of love ..xxxx
Can't believe how much you managed to get done while you were away, like lightening. Too much red tape over here.
The countryside looks idyllic, don't know how you could come back,
but very glad you have.


Is back in the saddle!
Welcome back BL and wow, what views! Bet you can't wait to get back out there now!!

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