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Holiday - to take or not to take


But you can call me Elise
I go on holiday a week on Friday - 2 weeks in Malta. I've been told that the local food is an interesting mixture of North African and Italian that is hearty and very tasty. I have every intention of sampling it, but the problem is if I take my xenical the side effects will probably be a BIG issue, but if I don't I'm liable to pile the weight back on. :sigh: I'm dithering about this. :confused:

It's my first holiday in 3 years and being honest, if I'm "leaking" so badly I can't go swimming I've lost a big chance to exercise, so I'm inclined to say sod it and leave it at home. Arghh, don't know what to do! :(

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I've taken my tabs when I was on holiday, but then I was in the UK, in a caravan and in total control of what I was eating ( seeing as I made all the meals :rolleyes::D), and I normally would recommend not stopping the tabs, however, you're not going to be in control of any of your food, you wont be cooking it etc, so in all honesty, I would stop the tablets. I don't think its worth it, stressing about food, about whether you'll have leakage. I say stop the tablets, enjoy your holiday, but make it firm in your mind that when you come home you get straight back onto plan :)


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ill second that... you wont enjoy your holiday if you have the stress of thinking... am i going to be able to go out long enough without the loo..
try hard not to over eat.. keep in mind that you want to still lose weight, and make sure you get in some exercise...

and most of all have fun!


Go on smile! =)
I would stop the tablets, but that doesn't give you a green card to go eat everything and anything. Eat 3 meals a day, drink water and diet drinks where you can. And do an hour in the pool each day :) and im sure you'll be fine. Enjoy your holiday!


But you can call me Elise
Thanks, I'm going to take the advice and come off the tablets, I need the relaxation just as much as I need to lose the weight. I'm in hotels, so I think continental breakfast will be do-able for low-fat, for the rest of the day I'll just have to try my best - lots of tomatoey pasta dishes, perhaps?
Oooooh Geordielass....let us know how you get on. I have just booked 1 week in Malta in August and am on the Xen now so I am not really hot and sticky in summer.

Let me know how the food is....am salvating already!!!

PS I will def come off mine for that week.....remember on my honey moon being terrified about being stopped at customs in Cyprus because I had some tab to postpone the monthly....I must have been so shifty looking at the declaration board that they stopped me to check.....won't fancy explaining blue xen pills to customs men lol

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