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Holiday weight

If you stop taking your pills to go on holiday how much weight do you usually put on?

Part of me is telling myself to keep taking the tablets while on holiday, another part is saying it's a once in a lifetime trip so enjoy it as much as you can!

I'm only going for a week - can't put on that much weight can I????
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depends on purely how good you are on hols, and how much you dont want to put on, and how much exercise you do...

i put on 4.5lbs (or it might have been 5.. i cant remember) but i ate like a trooper... kinda planned like that to see if my plateu would give up post when i came back and wanted to start dieting again and loose!
I went away for 2 weeks in Aug/Sept and after speaking to my doc, I decided to come off the tablets whilst away.
You need to enjoy your holiday and then draw a line when you get back and get back on to the diet, think about it like this... when you go away you know you're going to have to go back to work when you get home, so it's the same, you KNOW you have to get back to the diet.

Over a 2 week period I gained 7lbs and I did eat well but also did lots of moderate walking around (sight seeing etc - i'm not talking mammoth walking up mountains or anything haha). But then I got back and lost that what I gained in just over a week. I am glad I came off the tablets, as when you're away if you're eating out all the time (as I did), even if you do choose something healthy, you cannot control what's in it and how it's cooked like you can at home, and the last thing you want it really bad side effects.

Thanks everyone!

Am going to stop taking the tablets and just have a really good time. The food will be full of fat I'm sure and even though we do have a self catering appartment I do want to spend too much time food shopping and cooking as it wouldn't be much of a holiday!
Will be doing lots of walikng too, I think!
Yes you definately will be doing lot's of walking! The hotels are huuuge and just walking around them is exercise! Hope you have a fab time xx
Thans Diamonds and well done on your weightloss this week!

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