Holiday WeightLoss Challenge - Get to Goal for your hols!!!

Discussion in 'Challenges - Weight Loss & Otherwise!' started by DeliciousBoo, 11 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. DeliciousBoo

    DeliciousBoo Is a woman on a mission.

    It's exactly three months from tomorrow that I go on my hols to Greece with my new b/f :lilkiss: and I have (ideally) three stone to lose. I would like to lose at least two stone as that would put me in the size 12 bracket and I wouldn't mind slipping on a swimming cozzie/bikini... but three stone is my size 10, feeling amazing final goal weight.

    I plan to lose the 42 lbs by healthy eating, three meals & one snack a day... and daily exercise... starting tomorrow. (Just finished quaffing down a nice pizza and a big glass of milk lol.)

    If you have a weight loss goal for your hols join in... the more the merrier. x x
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  3. skmyna

    skmyna Member

    Nice to have something before starting your weight loss program.There is a saying-"tomorrow never comes" ,I hope "tomorrow" will come for you and you will reach your goal as soon as possible.
  4. Sarahslimming

    Sarahslimming Silver Member

    122 days until mexico and I'd love to be a big size 12/ 14 so I don't feel awful in my bikini, hopefully losing 2-3 stone will get me there as I'm now a 16-18. Would love to be les but feel this target is more doableM good luck to you!
  5. *Sparkles*

    *Sparkles* **2015 is my Year!**

    It's just over 3 months till I go to Tunisia with my friend so would love to join in. I won't be at goal but ideally a few stone off would be good.

    Fly out 25th May :)
  6. CatA

    CatA Gold Member

    Good idea!

    We go on holiday the end of June and I have 3st to lose to get to target. I don't think I would make full target but maybe 1-1.5 stone in 16 weeks might be doable surely?
  7. CatA

    CatA Gold Member

    Sod it, going to create a ticker now so I have no excuse lol

    Will try for 20lb in 16 weeks.
  8. LindaWms

    LindaWms Full Member

    Keep strong & determined.
    My goal is to go from size 22 to 12. Wish me luck
  9. LindaWms

    LindaWms Full Member

    I know it's a cliche, but anything is possible if you really want it
  10. 7 weeks today until i fly to Tunisia and 4th July for Sunny Beach, Bulgaria.
    Tunisia is a family holiday so, as bad as this sounds im not too fussed about being bikini perfect for that one! HOWEVER July is a girls holiday, to sunny beach where there will be multitudes of judgmental clubbers so I have to be slim enough for them not to shout "your going to sink the lilo" or "man the harpoons" whilst plodding around the pool. Im aiming to lose quite a lot. Ideally I'd like to be 63kg, which is 10 stone (ish). Im currently 100kg (after losing 5kg this week by starting a vlcd :D ). I doubt i'll reach 63kg by July, but I'd like to think I'd be somewhere around the 70kg mark which is about 11 stone. When I was 17 I was 12 stone and a size 12-14, so hopefully the 11 stone would put me at a size 12 :)
  11. Or even 12 stone. I'd be happy with 12 stone by July, that would be a 3 & a half stone loss - difficult but surely not impossible!
  12. Sarahslimming

    Sarahslimming Silver Member

    I want to lose 20lbs for my holiday so I'm going to weigh in every Thursday night and keep updating :)
  13. CatA

    CatA Gold Member

    Same target as me :)
  14. Sarahslimming

    Sarahslimming Silver Member

    20lbs to lose (-1lb, 19 to go)
  15. butterfly7

    butterfly7 Full Member

    I'm going to Mexico in November, need to lose 100lbs and look good... Will this ever be possible? :(
  16. CatA

    CatA Gold Member

    2.4lb lost this week .... woop!
  17. butterfly7

    butterfly7 Full Member

    We'll done :)
  18. Minnie-me

    Minnie-me New Member

    Hi 90 days to my Rome holiday ideally love to lose a stone by then total weight loss target is 2 1/2 stone by Xmas trying slimming world
  19. Sarahslimming

    Sarahslimming Silver Member

    20lbs to lose (-1.5, 18.5lb to go)
  20. butterfly7

    butterfly7 Full Member

    6 lbs off this week, 1 week closer to hols :{
  21. Sarahslimming

    Sarahslimming Silver Member

    20lbs to lose (5lb down, 15lb to go) holiday in June!

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