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Holidaygirl must get healthy and slimmer: No excuses

Hi everyone

I previously had a diary called:
My journey to being 50: in May!

I just want to thank everyone who supported me on there as it was a difficult time.
I am not going to go into detail but I have walked away from my job, head held high, but angry the bullies appear to have won. I negotiated redundancy.
I was too ill to carry on, sadly I actually believed this last week and did something silly and was rushed to hospital. However I don't believe I meant to do this and stress/anxiety re work triggered it.
Strangely there was a wierd bonus to ending up in hospital as they discovered seriously deranged liver function tests, (not alcohol related) and looks like the anti depressants were making me so ill they were almost slowly poisoning me. A very very rare side effect! I thought it was odd as got really well, then suddenly plummeted re the anxiety/depression.
Consequently I was made to come off them, without the usual tapering. I am on the 3rd day of no tablets and scared. However this is for the best.
I have had loads of blood tests, liver scan and off for x rays today. My GP is very thorough so I trust he will get to the bottom of this.
My aim is:
To get well
Lose weight the slow but sure way
Get myself back on track in the big wide world

Thanks for listening and I look forward to joining you all again.
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Hi Holiday Girl

I have posted you before on your previous thread.

I am so, so sorry to hear what happened.

I am glad you walked away from your job, although the bullies are still there, that is one less thing for you to have to continually worry about.

I believe everything happens for a reason, good and bad, and now is your time to get well and enjoy life. You have so much to enjoy with your lovely hubby and lovely kids. One day at a time my love and you'll get there without doubt.


Wishing you lots of love and lovely thoughts xxxxxxxxxx :D
Saddle bags:Thank you soooo much, means a lot to me.
I do believe things happen for a reason and that good will come out of this unhappy episode in my life.
Good news:No health appointments today
Bad news:Already eaten 4 cookie biscuit things as felt wobbly first thing this morning! Oops.
This is going to def be slow but sure ,can't quite get back on track. My family keep treating me to cakes/lovely rolls and chocolate to cheer me up, bless them!
Ha, bloody cookies, it's awful when they jump into your mouth isn't it?

Take things one day at a time, you'll get back into sw when the time is right, until that time, take things steady.

Have a lovely weekend xxxxxx :D
Those cookies were very naughty Saddle Bags and today, before he went to work, Mr P bought me up a cup of tea and the cookie packet (nearly finished I might add, by me!)
I didn't eat them and I am about to eat some strawberries from the garden:innocent0002:
Had a lovely walk in the forest yesterday with Mr P and Holly dog and it made me feel really happy.:)
Hopefully this week will bring back some answers re test results and I can start to move on a bit more. Blood tests again today, doc Wednesday.
Hope everyone who reads this has a good week, feel free to rant to me any time!;)

You'll be like a pin cusion with all the blood tests but hopefully they'll get to the bottom of it all and get you on the mend. Hope the weather picks up, bit of sunshine does wonders to make you feel better doesn't it. Don't know what it's like where you live but rain, rain, rain here yesterday and today grey and miserable too! British weather sucks!

Have a good day, WI today for me and not sure how it will go, I've done real good but *week seems to have made an early appearance so that could scupper me today. Wish me luck xxxx
Wish you lots of luck for WI Saddle bags!
STS - Pah!

Never mind, hoping for a big loss next week, muss get my ass into exercise mode this week, it'll shock my body if nothing else!

Hope you're ok and having a good - weather lovely here today, makes you feel in a better mood doesn't it.

Shocking diagnosis

I have put this on my blog but feel this may serve as a useful post for others who may be in my situation!
Yesterday I received various results from my doctor. Unfortunately it turns out the anti depressants were basically poisoning me (my liver esp)
Since coming off the tablets my liver function tests are hugely improved but my liver has been damaged :eek:
The scan also showed I have a "fatty liver", cause unclear but as I have an intolerance to alcohol he thinks although I was not a heavy drinker (really I wasn't !) it was the cause. God I feel awful about that! I am ashamed of myself, even if it was maybe "unlucky" due to the intolerance. Nobody ever said, don't drink anything or you could die, which is basically what could have happened! I am totally shocked and spent all day in tears:cry:
I also have acid problems in my stomach and problems with my joints so feeling very unwell at the moment!:(
Anyway I need to look at this as day one and be positive. It looks like they have got it in time to regenerate the liver and doc will do blood tests weekly and see what happens.
I need to lose 2 stone, get fitter and probably decide never to drink again:eek:
Hopefully my health will improve, just taking each day at a time!
Sorry for the rant, just need to say it myself really!
Hi Holiday Girl

Well you've had your rant, and are entitiled to it I'd say, and you've wrote it in black and white to look back on when you're fit and well.

Today is a new day and a fresh start with everything.

Have a good week, I'll keep checking in on ya.

xxxxxxxxxxx :D
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Ah bless you, thanks
Feeling very positive today.:)Eating a lot less although not back on SW yet as doc not advising me to yet. However I am cutting down and feel a lot better today, all things considered.
Took Holly for a longish walk and pottered around.
Hope everyone has a good weekend:)

Hope you are feeling better, i had acid in stomach and got prescribed some tablets which are quite good. Wishing you all the very best :)
Thanks Geoff1960, I did get some tablets prescribed and it's loads better.:)
No furher forward

Still not back on SW, it's so hard to do with all the health problems I have as it is all related to my digetsive system, liver etc, which I then relate to eating and whatever I can tolerate.
I feel I can't even go out because of the problems it is causing me, yet you get left by the doc with no advice how to deal with it all, from a practical point of view.
I am so worried as I am going to see "Take That" on Thursday of next week. The coach leaves at 12 and it is going to be a long day. Not sure I am up to it, and we are standing during the concert. My daughter is going with me but feel I can't let my friend down, by not going. She is happy to stay at the back and hopefully find somewhere to sit, as she has just had a baby.It's a bit of a worry really.:eek:
It's such a shame as we were all so excited when we got the tickets:)
Atleast it's Wimbledon for the next two weeks and I made strawberry jam from home grown strawberries, sultana scones and victoria sponge yesterday. I find cooking very therapeutic!:)
Have a good day anyone who reads this.
Hey You

How you doing? The homemade jam and scones sound delicious - can you cyber send some please?!

How did Take That go, did you manage ok and enjoyed the show I hope.

Take care of you xxxxxxxxxx :D
Another day:Another new start!

Okay here I go again!:sigh:
I am going to really try this time to start and stick to SW.Health permitting!
OH is trying to lose some weight so that will help.
Anyway had fab family week at Centreparcs, what a wow place! Never liked the idea before but our villa was out of this world, amazing!
Meals today:
Breakfast:Hot water and lemon as need to try to detox as still have liver problems and am trying anything!
Didn't fancy anything else but have plenty of stores on board to keep me full the way I have been eating lately!
Lunch:pasta and homemade tomato sauce and low fat cheese.
I will start planning my meals this afternoon and get ideas from here!:)
Naughty girl!

Oops I was okay yesterday then had massive binge in the evening!
I will make up some jelly and do a little shop today for fruit and stuff to help the sweet cravings/comfort eating!
Closure is the new way forward once my P45 arrives, final pay went into the bank today so it's all over.New start/new me!:p
Yay new start, draw a line under all the $hit over the last few months and move forward. Here's to a happy, healthy new you! :D


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