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Holidaying in France


feling good!
:) Hi Have just joined a SW class and in my first week lost 5.5lbs. I am trying to continue with my initial good start but in a couple of weeks am due to spend some time in France (self catering) and was wondering if anyone knows if SW exists over there and if so is there a food listing that might help me. I know the basics but its looking for and finding the right salad dressings etc. Any help anyone can give would be very much appreciated.

Cheers Liz
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Would be interested in any replies as we are off to the south of France in August


feling good!
Well if I find anything whilst over there I'll try to update this thread


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I'm going on 23rd for 18 days......we have our own caravan so cook for ourselves. Tend to take SW essentials from over here and then shop for fresh stuff while there......meats/cheese and fresh vegetables are all fantastic.
We cook BBQ's most evenings with a large salad and Couscous ( easy to prepare!! )
I'd recommend taking pasta, rice, couscous, salad dressings, beans, tinned tomatoes, tuna, sweetcorn, cereals and its far cheaper over here and you know your HeB and syns ( I also take crisps, Alpen Lights and Mikado's so I have low syn snacks )

Try to limit the bread and cakes :eek:

Enjoy your hols


feling good!
Thanks Loopeylou - we're flying so can't take too much but will consider what I can fit in. And congrats on your weigh loss to date fantastic!

Enjoy your hols too! :character00180:
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We have been twice to France and fresh meat, fish, fruit and veg are easily available- i seem to remember that some of the most popular brands like heinz were in the supermarkets too.


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Then definately pack the snacks that will help keep you on track as much as poss......my last hols in May my consultant gave me 35-40 syns a day and I came back with a 1/2 lb gain so intending to do the same again....important to enjoy the hols whilst still feeling like your having a few treats.

Well as for French supermarkets you can buy all the Free food's equivalent ....stay away from the english imported stuff as its overpriced and there version is just as good!
Salad Dressings - they do sell light versions, they all have the cals per 15ml etc on them so just remember 20 cals is 1 syn and you can't go wrong.

Biggest thing I've found is the lack of fresh milk...they all seem to have UHT!!! they do sell semi and skimmed UHT versions but not so good for our cuppa tea :eek:

They so sell alot of BBQ ready meats which I count as syn free or very low as there not dripping in sauces and meats are all really lean.

If I can think of anything else I'll post it
I have just got back from France :)

I took basic's with me as we went by ferry so had plenty of room, but I also found a Lidl store near by & so shopping wasn't hard.

Plenty of fresh meat, fruit, vegies & salads etc.

What about taking a salad dressing with you (i did ) then its just a case of mixing the right things

Enjoy your holiday BTW :D
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Bonjour Lizbuff, I have lived and worked in various parts of France over the years and have never come across a slimming group enterprise like SW or WW.
Obviously fresh fruit, veg and meat are available as well as pulses, grains, rice pasta etc. If you want to buy any sauces or dressings look for the word 'allégé' on the label (light) or the %MG (fat %). Don't expect them to be AS fat-free as low fat items might be in the UK though.

And unfortunately they don't make syn-free baguette or pain au chocolat ;)

....or camembert, or vin rouge, or croissants, or saucisson, or jambon de pays...... ;) :)

Bonnes vacances ma belle :)

Mrs V

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One thing I would recommend you stick in your suitcase is your frylight! Everything else you can make do with over there.
When ever I go camping in France, I still have things like bolognase - you can get most of the things that you need over there anyway...but frylight...different matter!



feling good!
Merci tout le monde! - all v helpful info - I will try to take a salad dressing - and frylight. I will also keep my eyses open for the syn-free baguette, pain au chocolat, camembert, vin rouge, croissants saucisson, jambon de pays etc...... I love a challenge!!
I go to France quite often, & last time, my MIL found pasteurised milk in the chiller, & it was almost impossible to taste the difference between theirs & English milk. Sterilised milk isnt my cup of tea! so we were thrilled to find this. I recall it had a blue cap, & had lait pasteurisé on the label. Sold in litre white plastic bottles. Also I took lots of pasta n sauce with me, & low fat noodles, & like everyone else, we lived on BBQ's & salads. They dont seem to do low fat sausages, so I bought pork or turkey mince & made my own! A tip, most supermarkets (SuperU HyperU) you must weigh your fruit & veg on the scales in the fruit & veg section & get a price ticket before you go to the checkout.


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I'm not sure it would be successful apart from ex-pats. Somehow, there doesn't seem to be the same extent of a weight problem over here. I don't know why. I do know there was a book out a few years ago (I had a copy) called something like 'why French women don't get fat' or something like that anyway. Maybe there really was something in what was said there.

Incidentally, for anyone concerned about coming on holiday here, I can reassure that France really is a civilised country & it's perfectly possible to find normal fruit, veg, meat, fish & milk quite easily in every supermarket... :p


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I would add to what Seacrest said - you will find plenty of free basic foods here in France. Fruit & veg that is in season at the time - you don't get strawberries in winter! What you won't find are all the SW friendly pre-prepared foods, such as mugshots, pasta 'n' sauce, flavoured couscous etc. as the French generally prepare from scratch rather than buying processed foods. Having said that, WW ready meals and pasta-type snackpots are starting to make their way onto the shelves, though I'm not sure how the recipes compare to the equivalents in the UK.

I have lived here for 12 years now and have to say that when I first arrived, it was rare to see obese or even overweight French people. It is now getting more and more common and obesity is becoming a real problem here in France too.


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I agree, Leapfrog. I did WW classes about 3 years ago and they were doing brisk business! But, boy is it expensive! After 3 months, got really bored. I think EE with SW is much more realistic for the long term.
For peeps coming on holiday, supermarkets like Leclerc have a low fat section near the packaged cheeses. you can get all the 0%fat yoghurts, fromage frais etc. and low or 0% fat cheeses. Then, all the peaches, melons, strawbs, crabs, fish etc you won't be hungry!


L'appetit vient en mang't
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