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Holy Smokes im now fitting into a waist 32

Well went out to buy some jeans and now im a waist 32. Its such a weird feeling looking at the jeans and still thinking that will never fit! Only to try it on of course and realise that it does!! Will be getting pic's up of this later on

How is everyone else finding the clothes, are you still trapped in thinking you are bigger then you really are...
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Making it all add up
H that's fantasic

I went to buy a couple of shirts & work trousers on Saturday and can't believe my neck size is 2" less than it was 6 weeks ago and an incredible 6" reduction in trouser size!!!

Must have been hiding the weight loss in too-big clothes as every day since I've had comments from people saying how good I look (v nice but slightly embarassing).

Only draw back is it looks like I'm going to need a tighter belt on these trousers in the next couple of weeks! Can't complain but it is REALLY WIERD going into a shop and looking at a full range of clothes rather than being stuck with the half dozen or so XXL items (also comfortably into L shirts which I last managed 21 years ago when I got married).

Great isn't it, would love to get anywhere near a 32 but will be delighted if I get to 36".
well done to both of you!
i squeeeeezed myself into a pair of size 12 jeans in next yesterday (couldn't breathe but hey,so what!!)
daisy x


Making it all add up
Great isn't it, a whole world of possibilities out there just waiting for us to join
woohoo 32's, great work mate!

I too haven't yet fully 'caught up' with my new size.... whenever I've gone to by new tshirts I hold them up and think "no way, there's just not enough material there to go around (my belly)", then lo and behold, I try them on and they fit me nicely! It's a nice suprise every time :D
brilliant! My hubby has just gotten back into 32's and feels on top of the world with it (albeit, hard work and excerise for him)

I am now back into 16's not tight ones yeah, I am dreaming of the smaller 12 ones ahhhhh
Exactly Pete i bought a Medium yesterday and its fits...i was shocked as it looked like a 10 year olds top to me lol.

BR get some pics up i would love to see :)
hi (help)

Hi husseyn, I have only just started the LL programme i have completed day 4 just took home some cereal bars and wondered as youv'e done so well (congrats btw) should I eat the bars or do they slow down ketosis as they are higher in calories? I have lost 5lbs in 4 days so doing ok but don't want to blow it now as I'm feeling quite strong willed (do the bars make a difference? thanks in advance for your reply and well done again ,,, Lee ..:)


Making it all add up
Hi Lee - hope you don't mind me jumping in here.

I don't think the bars have any effect on weight loss as only marginally higher calories and marinally more Carbs than soups/shakes.

I've had bars from day 4 and seen great losses throughout.

Good luck on your journey, nice to have another bloke around too.
Hello Lee and welcome to he boards and well done for choosing LL, i would go with Sean, the bars have no effect, test to see you are in ketosis first as that is the requirement before bars. Go grab some ketostix from any pharmacy or pop in to your councilor :)

thank you for your praise :)
thanks for the welcome

Hi Huseyin & Sean
thanks for the responses I'm in ketosis as I have those sticks but think I'm gonna stick with the soups n shakes for a while (I have slept on it and think its all in my mind lol) but I feel as long as I'm doing a liquid diet the act of eating messes with my brain lol
thanks for the support - let's hear it for the boys (god how camp was that ) xxx:D:D:D


Making it all add up
:hug99::hug99:Wasn't too camp until you added the kisses Lee!!

Lee dont worry, we all thought the same about the bars at first, dont deny yourself the pleasure of them, they taste soooo good.

But hey do what makes you happiest first then you can go on to bars
ok thanks , will give the bars a go- what exercise do you guys recommend? i walk my dog (not clearly enough) im a bit worried about lifting weights as it may affect the weigh in? thanks (no kisses lol)


Making it all add up
To add picture go to "UserCP" in top left of page and you can upload from there.

Exercise I personally believe is best kept to a minimum but I know some do a lot. I go to the gym typically only once per week and do aprox 40 mins mostly on bike aerobic but include some weights (just out of habit). Also walk most evenings for 15-20 minutes and in last 3 weeks am trying to walk at lunchtime for a similar length of time.

There is some debate whilst on abstinance about exercise as the very low claorie intake and exercise (especially if you're not used to it) can put the body into 'starvation mode' and it will reserve energy rather than burning fat stores.

So the good news is that whilst moderate exercise is recommended, it is not a case of 'no pain, no gain' with LL

BIG relief for many of us
Go with hat Sean said he is right too much exercise can halt your weight loss, if you really push it the body goes into survival mode as it thinks you are starving to death.
help i need some help- i completed day 7 then fell off the wagon and had a really bad week I'm gonna start again this sunday any pointers for sticking to it this time? god i'm so weak i peel like a pratt as i have to go through the whole ketosis thing all over again- please help .
Hey Culver

Sorry to hear that you have had a blip. Why do you think it was? There must have been a reason because you seemed so focused at the outset.
You can get back into ketosis quite quickly.So analyse your reasons, speak to your LLC if it's someone you can relate to. They will have come across this before and they are trained to help you through it.
Good luck.

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