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Home bargains- excited


Extra Easy Apparently...!
Ooh, a home bargains store opened near my work at the weekend so going to take a jaunt there at my lunch break. Also going out to pick up my birthday pressie (a new food processor) so happy days! It's not my birthday for a few weeks but mummy dearest said I can have it early.
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Ooh I love home bargains.

Look out for:
Alpen Light bars (£1 a pack, so much cheaper than the supermarket)
Slimming World (possibly princes) Tuna in flavoured mayo.
Batchelors Pasta n sauce (about 50p a packet)
Batchelors savoury rice (the flavoured stuff) about 50p a packet.

I love getting bargains.
Just checked on their website and there are no stores within 50 miles of me :(


Extra Easy Apparently...!
Well I picked up a BBQ grinder, a chip crisper, puffed wheat cereal, chews for the dog, a rope toy for the dog, treats for the dog and a silicone baking tray for £7!! I knew I had nine pounds in my purse and had left my bank card at home so was walking round mentally tallying up what was in my basket.


Nojo on the YoYo
Dude you got all the stuff (not the dog stuff) that I bought the other week! :D

That BBQ grinder seriously is lovely, makes everything taste brilliant!

I need a new one, mine went byebyes last night. RIP. Is no more. Eet Ees an Ex-grinder.

EDIT: Wait wait... CHIP CRISPER?! I asked if they had one of these in 2 of my local ones and they said no. Where's your local one (they're a North West company, right?)


Extra Easy Apparently...!
I love my grinders! I'm up in Scotland. They had chip crispers (wire meshy tray thiny), a pizza one and some other type in this shop. I don't mind picking one up for you and posting it if you like? They had all different sorts of silicone trays but I decided I would try this one out first and then invest (if I'd had my bank card on me I would probably have bought them all!).


Nojo on the YoYo
ohhhh I know what you mean, I do have one of those, I meant a Japanese crisp carousel for the microwave.

That's such a sweet offer though, thank you so much :D

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