Home Made Biltong versus Well Done ol' Steak


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Hi Folks, Ive done slimming world for a couple of years, on and off. Mostly from home. I was thinking of making biltong at home and was looking at MiniMins for syn values. For those that dont know Biltong it is just (natually) dried meet with spices, really chewy .. great if you spend a lot of time on the road, or love to snack ... Im a Yes to both of those.

I could see postings that would argue that biltong would not be syn free, following the logic of a lot of dried foods that have had their natural food state altered. I would argue though that Biltong is no different to a piece of steak that has been cooked 'well done'. I dont see SW saying that a dried piece of steak the next day has syns when eaten with 2/3s superfree foods. Some people love steak cooked or 'killed' to a very dry state. In fact, to me the steak has been 'dried' from a heating source such as an oven or a frypan, whereas Biltong is dried in a box naturally over a week, and its the outside that goes predominately hard locking in the meats moisture.

Anyway, interested to know peoples thoughts, or if they are at a group/have heard the question asked before ... would be interested to know.
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When you buy beef jerkies and such they tend to have a syn value but its pretty small. My OH lives off of the stuff as a snack at around 1.5 to 3 syns a pack. I'm guessing this is due to oil used, so I guess if oil isn't used I would be free? I doubt the "dryness would effect meat but obvious it does with fruit. There is no saying you cannot snack on cooked ham or deli meat, so I reckon if you made it with frylight it would be fine! If you work out how to make it please share here so I can make my boyfriend's day :p


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I love biltong and buy it from the SA shops online. To be honest I don't syn it as I cut off any fat (which is the best part lol) I cut it into pieces and snack on it over a few days, I always make sure I have syns left in the day to cover just in case there is a syn value though. Could do with some nice and spicy biltong now :) yum