Home-made Southern Fried Chicken


C: 11st0lb G: 11st4lb

I don't know of this helps but I have a recipe from Oprah Winfrey's chef's book from years ago which I use for a spicy breadcrumbed chicken. Its not southern fried but it hits the spot.

Breadcrumbs (from pack or make own) enough for however portions you are doing. Rough guide 1/4 pack does 2-3 portions.
Mix in oregano, basil, to taste
Add cajun spice and cayenne pepper to taste
Mix all the above together.

Now the recipe says spread chicken with natural yoghurt and then roll in the breadcrumbs. I just dab the chicken straight in it sticks Ok

Then cook in pre-heated oven (190oC) for approx 12 mins turn over and cook for further 12 mins. I adjust the times a bit dependent on size of chicken breast or portion.

I haven't given exact measurements for spices etc as I like it very spicy so it may be a case of try it and see for your own taste. I also add salt to the breadcrumb mix but if you are a member of the salt police you may prefer to leave it out.

Hope you like it