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Homemade baked cheesecake!


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Hello everyone :)

I'm making a cheesecake at the moment and I just wondered the syn value per slice... I've not quite grasped the concept of healthy extras yet so I try to stick to what I know is free and just add a few syns every now and again, but I've heard some people saying Alpen bars can be used as a healthy extra?

So far I've used:

5 alpen chocolate & fudge bars (70 cals)
1 tub of quark
1 pot of vanilla and chocolate muller light
2 eggs and 1 egg yolk

I'll be dividing it into 4-6 slices so if anyone could let me know it'd be much appreciated. I'd enjoy it far more knowing it's not so bad for me!

Thanks in advance.

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Are they Alpen Light bars? In which case you can have two for a Healthy Extra B choice. But if you want to syn them they are 3 syns each.

You are using 5, so that makes 15 syns in total. All the other ingredients are free, so if you divided it into 5 slices that would be 3 syns per slice. Or half a Healthy Extra per slice.

Sounds a bit too good to be true, but I think this is right - no doubt there will be someone along soon to tell me if not!!

Sounds delicious - enjoy.


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Thank you very much. They were alpen light bars! Haven't used any other HE today so shall be making the most.

Much appreciated

I'm with you Rosiepeace - haven't found many recipes using quark that I like (1/2 syn roulade OK though). I often wonder if Fromage Frais would work nearly as well in place of Quark .... it is a smidgeon thinner though so might not 'set' to the required firmness :confused:


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Wuh, sorry to disappoint you guys but after trying the cheesecake I think I need to work on my methods a little.. tastes a bit like vanilla rubber :( did look nice though! I'm going to keep experimenting and I'll let you know as soon as something turns out right :D



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Yeah possibly, I tried the mix before I added the egg with just the quark and vanilla/choc muller light and that was really good. I might just use that next time and put them in the fridge to chill with the melted alpen bar at the bottom.

Only major problem was that it went all rubbery but I shall keep trying. Might have cooked it for too long.

i do this all the time 2 alpens bars harf quark 5 tbs canderelle one egg and touch vanilla essence crumble bars ,then mix all ingreadients together spread on then plase the dish in a nother dish with water in cook 10 mins at 150 dont want it to set have with ww creme frech plus fruit ,syn free one hb

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