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honest opinions please

well i restarted ss 2 weeks ago
for those who remember me i started last april and lost around 3 to 4 stones
well i have lost another 10lbs in 2 weeks so far
still feeling enormous and today with a few upsets feel pretty low
my hubby added some new pics of me and said see do you see a difference
in my heart yes i do
in my head i`m not sure
i`m still picking fault with what i see
so i would like your opinions
do you really see a difference

me in april 2007

me today jan 2008
excuse the cold sore on my lip lol

kaz xx
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Dreaming of being slim!
wow honey thats some change!!!

You look soooooooooo much younger too!!!

Be proud of what you have achieved, its a great loss!!


To infinity and beyond!
WOW!! you look great and years younger too! Well done :)
oh yes, i definitely can see a big difference - keep going because you're looking fabulous :D
Now let me see... do I see a difference... YES I see loads!!! You have a face with a separate and smaller neck, you have a waist now and go in under your boobs rather than out, you have space between your legs!! The difference is huge hun, but I do know what you mean that sometimes we can lose sight of it. BELIEVE me though I wouldn't say it if I didn't truly think it - you look very much different, be proud and keep going!

HIAWJ difference!

Good on you girlie xxx
There is a huge difference, like everyone has said. But one thing that proves it beyond doubt ... look at your body in relation to the doorframe.

Before, you take up the space of the door with your arms straight down by your side. In pic 2, you barely take the same space up with your arms bent.

You're the incredible shrinking women!


Taking Back Control...!!!
There is an incredible difference on all levels... right down to your skin tone.... (even with your cole slaw.... sorry cold sore...;) which you can't see btw)..... you look so different..... your hair is shiny, your skin is glowing and you are so much smaller all over...... well done and keep it up......if we all think you look this good now imagine how your gonna look at target....:D:D


likes posting.
Such a big difference, you look amazing i think when we do this diet it takes a while before we catch up with ourselfs.I sometimes still think of myself as big.You,ve got too start liking yourself.
thank you everyone
funny how the brain works
i can see by the scales i have lost but somedays i feel as big as my 1st pic
after a very crap day you have all cheered me up
love you all

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