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Honest opinions please....


Cambridge Consultant
Just wanted opinions really..
Been having a hard few days and feeling really moody etc.. totm is on its way.. anyway.. Tillyfloss kindly put 3 pics together for me Beginning, 2 stone off, 3 stone off.. and I added it to my facebook and a group..
I had loads of comments which was so nice, felt good even though not good with compliments and i just put it there as was adding to a group.
TO cut the story short I saw my sis tonight who is skinny so she def not jealous or anything. she said you looked great. I saw your pic on fb though and the second and third picture you dont look any different you look better today .. must be a bad pic... Please can you tell me if I am going mad or I do look different in second and third pic. ok so Im wearing white..

thanks I know Im sensitive today. but felt really crap about it..

Thanks x
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WILL be Slim!
listen to me very closely....you look loads different!
People close to us wont notice it as much as others!
Just look at your face on the 2nd and 3rd photo's!! The chin!!! its incredible!
your waist is smaller without a doubt (ok, white is unflattering) but there is no doubting that you look amazing!
Dont listen to her....she might still see the 'fat' you in her head where as we wont!
You look fab hun....dont you DARE feel depressed or down about anything! your an inspiration to us all and 4 stone off is incredible!


Stubborn tortoise
Curly, there is a difference... more nipped in waist, more in-and-out if you know what I mean. I doubt if your sis meant to upset you, after all she said you looked brilliant today... what I think she meant was that you look even better in real life than in the pic. She just didn't say it very clearly! Please don't be upset, you have come SO far and there is NO disputing that.

Go Curly!!!


Serena A

Can't think of a title

You can definitely see the difference - your waist in the last picture is much more shapely and your hips are smaller too.

I know you said your sister is skinny and therefore not jealous, but maybe she feels a bit weird about the prospect of her not being "the skinny one" soon?

Chin up anyway, you look fab xx
I agree with all of the above and I think that your TOTM is not being kind to you. You DO look different your hips look slimmer and your boobs look bigger!!!! I think you are just having a wobbly few days and once your TOTM has come you will feel alot better.


Skinny girl in a fat body
CurlyWurly - I am not on Facebook, don't like it, so I haven't seen your photos, but how can you NOT look different / better - you have lost 43lb. Take no notice of her, you look lovely on the pic you have as your avitar and you are probably thinner than that now. I bet you look lush


Cambridge Consultant
Aww thanks so much for your message girls.. I did add the pic im not sure where it went. can anyone see it. It really means so much my sister is lovely and she is proud of me . I think just me being sensitive.. feel really moody..

Mia, the pic is above in post from yesterday..... shame you dont use fb..

Thanks girls it means so much to a hormonal girl xxxx
awwwwwww curly!!!

you DO look different....

Your sis didn't mean to upset you, i'm sure.... but i doubt she is seeing this from a dieters point of view... we notice the change in figure where she is just looking very superficially...

Please don't let this get you down!



Cambridge Consultant
The ones in your profile album? Yeah :)
Aww I added ones to this message damn everyone must think Im mad not sure what happenend to it.. x


wannabe yummy mummy
lol they'll probably appear tomorrow, that always happens when I post pics on message boards.


Skinny girl in a fat body
Oh I see them now. Of course you can see a difference. You look amazing (especially in the bikini lol lol)


Gold Member
you look amazing babes. your face is much thinner. and if in doubt, check out the collarbones in the final pic!!

abz xx


Silver Member
i think you look great!! you are doing so well. i cant wait to see the next one! x x

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