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Honesty please? pics

Hiya, I am going to a party on Saturday and have ummed and ahhed about a dress for weeks now...

Finally bought this (second dress I have bought) But c an you tell me honestly whether It makes me look more fat than I am (i still have a way to go)

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That is a lovely dress and I think it looks lovely on you. But how do you feel in it? You look confident in it so you probably feel really good in it.

I know that if I don't "feel" comfortable in something I will regret wearing it even if everyone else tells me I look ok.
I love the dress, I love the colour but bearing in miond three months ago I never wore anything but jogging bottoms and elastic waists this is a departure for me :)


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Well, I wore a dress for the 1st time in feb and felt a bit awkward in it as was not used to it! But I received loads of compliments on it!

I think it looks lovely, enjoy wearing it!


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You look really lovely in the dress. I know how hard it is to wear dresses and skirts when your not used to them but it really suits you xx


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The dress is gorgeous and you look fab - but I think the cardi is hiding your fab figure a bit!! x
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wow tilly, you look great, your shape has changed so much, even from when you posted the floral dress pic! go for it girl, you look younger and happier, go strut your stuff!!!!! enjoy party x


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What underwear are you going to wear? I think the dress is a good shape on you, but you need a new bra to lift you up and together :)

Enjoy your wedding! I love getting dressed up as long as I have everything organised and I'm confident in what I'm wearing.
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Gosh no way does it make you look fat. It looks fab. you HAVE to wear it
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You look amazing. An inspiration to people like me who are still trying to get into a dress!!
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What underwear are you going to wear? I think the dress is a good shape on you, but you need a new bra to lift you up and together :)


Agree with this post though. With a top notch bra your t*ts will look amazing the it always makes you feel better and stand taller when you get correctly fitted. I got done at Debenhams the other day and boy what a difference
hehehe thanks for the bra comment!!
I spent the whole day looking for a bra...
All bras in my size were too 'enclosed' at the front and were very visible in the dress so this was taken without <yikes> So yes am on the bra lookout.... does anyone know of plunge types that come in larger sizes?
As for the cardi! My arms are disgusting! I just don't feel comfortable without the safety of the cardy!!
This is the first time my family and many friends have seen me since January .. looked like my before pic when they saw me last.... So I am actually quite nervous... it is my oldest friends birthday party, so I just want to look good and have a good time for the first time without worrying about what I look like.

will try Debenhams!
Thing is I had surgery many moons ago to one boob and it has left me decidedly lopsided!!
So I am always embarrassed getting measured!


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Oh Tilly, this dress is lovely! You must wear it, as long as you feel comfortable- you certainly look it! I agree about the underwear and also with EllieMellie about the cardi. What sort of arms does it have? The cardi looks great, mind, but I think without it, you could show off more of that new figure^^


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you look great! Definitely wear the dress!


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That is a really stunning dress. I love dresses and I would definitely wear that. I feel the same about my arms, but that cardi matches the dress perfectly and doesn't detract from it.
I always worry about frills that they emphasis bigger areas (my hips), but that looks really good on you, so I'll not worry any more :)

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Looking good Tilly, a big difference from your before picture too so you'll get loads of :wow: I'm sure :D

More fashion advice from the board's resident hardcore punk, but the dress looks great!


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tilly you look totally amazing in that dres....agree re the bra....hope you find one, you thought of looking online? get measured somewhere and then try some online....but to be fair, if you go into the likes of Bravissimo (that caters for the fully rack! ;)) then they will be able to advise on styles too!

You look lovely hun! You should be really proud of yourself! Might be worth wearing clothes like that more often hun xxxxx


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Have to agree with everyone else hun....you look stunning and the dress is lovely..so go for it and enjoy all the lovely comments you are gonna get:D

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