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Attack Hooray - Day 5 and 5lbs down


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Excellent! Molly is GORGEOUS! Tell us more!


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What more would you like to know???? I don't want to bore everyone! :jelous:


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Ahhh yes Molly is indeed a chocolate labrador. She is now two and a half an still gets mistaken for a 5 month old pup as she is so tiny :jelous::jelous::jelous:
Well done! 5Ibs is great and I'll be very happy if I loose that after Attack (although not likely on the mistakes I keep making!) haha ... keep up the good work - i have around the same to loose as you. x
Hi Lexy! Molly is soo cute!!! I go all broody when I see pets! I had a chocolate lab years ago from rescue, and she died of parvo 2 days after we got her! I was heartbroken!
Now I have 2 dogs and 3 kitties! Started off with 2 dogs as family pets. After which I got a rescue kitten 2 years ago, then I found a stray kitten about 8 months later and then another rescue kitten 6 months after that! All without asking my mum whose house I live in! I just kept bringing them home! I have to stop now otherwise I'll be on that "Confessions of a pet hoarder " programme! Our house is already like a pet mental asylum!
Well congrats on your weight loss, I hope I can shift something similar! and cuddles to Molly!
Hi guys,
Sorry been mega busy at work. Shanny typical menu was 2 or 3 eggs scrambled for breakfast. Slices of roast chicken breast or tuna or smoked salmon for lunch with a muller light yoghurt and grilled meat with some garlic and onions or seasoning of some sort in the evening.

I am now on day 13 and my loss is around 8lbs but I am not 100% strict with it. I also work out at least 3 times a week for an hour a time as well as 20 minutes daily.

I am happy for it to come off slowly after the first lot as I think I'm more likey to keep it off. Just booked 5 days in Spain in a couple of weeks so that will be more challenging :)

Good luck to you all x
wow 5lb's is great - it would be great to lose that much on attack.

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