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Hooray for Food Abstinence!!

It's okay, I know it's not really food abstinence, though it is how my friend once described Cambridge Weight Plan to me.

By way of background, I'd best tell you a little bit about how I got here I suppose. I'm on CWP for myself, but perhaps moreso to support my other half - the pair of us have been on and off diets for the best part of two years - the most success we had was on Slimming World (I lost 3 1/2 stone and Wes lost a whopping 6 stone) but Christmas came and went and the formula of eat everything you want when you want simply didn't work anymore. Needless to say, a fairly hefty chunk returned to both of us.

We've been together for nearly three years, but this year is our first holiday together as a couple on June 15th - so that is the goal date. I do not want to feel fat and frumpy when I'm supposed to be enjoying myself. So after going through our options, CWP appeared to be just what we were looking for.

I've started this morning - already had a would-be latte with a vanilla shake that was surprisingly palatable (even if I couldn't for the life of me get the lumps out of it!) and I'm looking forward to seeing what a mango flavoured milkshake tastes like this afternoon. I've done a diet which shoved me into ketosis before and felt like I was about to die for a few days, but I'm ready for that again in order to get going on this (but expect a bit of moaning whilst I go through the motions).

We're both doing Sole Source Plus with separate goals and get weighed every fortnight. I have been made to promise that I won't obsess over the scales like I did do at Slimming World, so whilst the not knowing will kill me, I'm hoping there's a big surprise for me at the end of the fortnight!

Help us along, please? =)
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Best of luck! I'll only drink the shakes if I've mixed them with a hand blender. Otherwise they're rank. I have a little lunch bag I bring everywhere with me and in it I have three shakes sachets, a shaker cup, my hand blender, some peppermint tea bags and some coffee sachets. It goes EVERYWHERE with me. I wash everything in the evenings and restock the bag before I go to bed. I never get caught out anywhere then. Sometimes if I know I'm going to be out of the house for a good while I'll add a bar and a can of tuna with a fork. I have a matching water bottle which I bring everywhere too, even if I'm visiting as I've found people don't get the message otherwise.
I'm already stocked up on peppermint tea! I can't get enough of the stuff but my consultant has told me to try and just stick to water if I can, so I'm giving it a real go. The lunch bag sounds like an amazing idea to have on hand though (would have never thought of it myself) but definitely something I'm going to try when I'm going out at the weekends. We've not been given the bars yet - consultant said we need to get used to everything else before we get onto those. Are they any good?

We are on the hunt for a hand blender (we did have one, but the OH decided to make soup with it and only half of it made it back out alive! I'll have to get one tonight though - bits in shakes are never good!!
Hi Amy
I didn't realise you were in your first week. A holiday's a great incentive isn't it! Are you putt the powder onto your water and not the other way around? I made this mistake and it was gross.
Anyway, good luck!
Yeahhh, first day! I've done a fair bit of research into CWP and stuff but first day actually doing it!

I put water onto the powder this morning! Is this the wrong way of doing it?! It would explain the lumps though to be honest it got better as I drank it so maybe the hot water got through all of the lumps in the end? I've reserved a cheapy hand blender to keep me going until payday so I'll hopefully avoid this morning's incident from now on! It wasn't the worst way ever to start my day though.

The holiday is a fantastic incentive - it's almost exactly 12 weeks away too, so I'm hoping to do some real damage before then and get some really nice clothes to wear while we're away!

Hope your day has got a bit better :) hang in there!! x


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Congrats on getting through day 1!!

I have just got to the end of day 3 and it wasn't that bad.. Though yesterday was pretty horrendous, so fingers crossed I'm coming out the other end!!

Good luck with the rest of your week. Xx
Day One was okay. My OH was cranky as hell, which I am putting down to the lack of calories / entering ketosis - I don't know how he manages it, but he gets into ketosis in what I swear is world record time.

That said, my headaches are starting already. I was in bed by 10:30pm last night with a headache worthy of only the biggest hangovers. I'm full of water (three litres yesterday - that's a PB for me!) so it's not that so maybe the gears are already starting to move and the flu is kicking in?

As a couple, we've learned that the mango shakes are pretty damn nice, the chicken and mushroom soup is surprisingly palatable and the chocolate orange shakes (that I was looking forward to) are so "meh" that we aren't going to get them again. This morning I've had a banana shake which was a pleasant breakfast and we're giving rice pudding a bash for lunch (which in itself feels quite naughty!).

Feeling good so far. Already dying to jump on the scales and see if anything has shifted but I have been made to promise that I won't until weigh in... in two weeks! ARGH. But we're back at the gym tomorrow morning (I've been poorly all of last week, so have been slacking slightly) and I'm looking forward to that. Going to have to bring a humongous bottle of water with me but the class we do isn't going to kill me and I can go as easy or as hard as I like. I'm hoping it helps!!
Hi Amy, I've just finished day 2. Bit light headed this morning, but not too bad now. No headache. Not too hungry either. I sneaked a peak on the scales and I lost 1.3 kg since yesterday. That's the encouragement we need! Good luck tomorrow.
Hey there! Many congratulations on the 1.3kg! That's amazing work for two days, but I'm am determined to not

How did you find Day 2? I'm finding it quite hard - I'm very headachy but thankfully not as hungry as I seemed to be this morning. That rice pudding is a tasty miracle! I'm drinking my own body weight in water and just powering on through, but with that weight loss I'm a bit more inspired now! Hope the results at the end of my fortnight will be anything like that! General concensus is that the first four days are the worst, and we're nearly halfway through that now! Yay! x
So... Mixed thoughts this morning.

Yesterday was hard... I had a massive lingering headache all day which was sapping my motivation big time, but I got through it (turns out the lacklustre chocolate orange shake is much nicer when warm) and felt better by bed time.

This morning we got up early (it was daylight at 6am! Spring is here!) and hit our normal gym class. I enjoyed being active and I felt really good... However.

Is it normal to feel kinda bloated by this stage? Me and my partner (who has a fair bit more to lose than me) both don't really feel like much has changed yet and I think we were expecting it to. Wes said he feels fatter than he has in ages and I'm feeling like a bit of a fat lump despite being exceptionally good... Can someone explain this??

It's got me a little miffed off. Tempted to weigh myself but I'm scared I'll hop on and my fears are realised. Urk.

On a side note the maple and pecan porridge is lush. That's the highlight of the day so far though :(
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This is too... easy today. Drinking water is coming too easily. I'm not hungry. I'm not cold. I'm not fighting a headache...

But I feel heavy.

Have I managed to go wrong somewhere?! =(
I'm feeling better today. Caved in and weighed myself this morning (with the blessing of my other half who also wanted an 'update') and I'm a whole 3 and a quarter pounds down! Yayyyy!! Eclipsed by Wes and his 6lbs but I'm used to that and I'm made up for him!!

Needless to say I'm rather motivated now after yesterday's little bit of doubt. Fruits of the forest is my new favourite shake!

We are off to my mother's tonight for a night but she's aware of the diet and isn't going to tempt us. We aren't drinkers really either so I'm fairly confident that we can get through it. Already packed an assortment of goodies to keep us nourished.

Lack of keto symptoms yesterday made me device to buy ketostix so I'll be interested to see the results once they arrive! My legs are aching today but that might be the gym rather than keto...

Let's do this. Screw worrying. There's no way this can't work if you stick to it right??
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You're doing sellIng. Reading your diary I can relate to it all! I'm on day 5 and feel no different. I've stuck to this 100% so hoping to see the scales change on Tuesday's weigh in. I'm so pleased to see you and Wes have both lost Weight in such a short time. I hope I have too.

Also agree on the chocolate orange shake. I had it warm and I think your description of "meh" is being generous! Haha.

Keep going!
Keep at it, first week or so is by far the worst, then the packs become second nature. I rarely miss food at all and I really look forward to my banana and strawberry shakes- delish. I always make mine up in a smoothie maker with loads of ice and drink them with a straw-and they are really enjoyable! You'll also love the mix a mousse- amazing- can't believe you can eat that and lose weight!

I definitely advise trying pretty much all of the products at least once, as I thought I'd hate the butterscotch shake and I love it, thought I'd hate the toffee walnut shake and it's gorgeous, love coffee but hate the cappuccino shake etc!!!

Next week is start of week 6 for me and this diet has been shockingly easy with amazing results- the fact you have a comrade is brill- best of luck to you both! X
Happy Monday everyone!

Start of Day 6 and whilst I've stuck to it 100% (despite my mum making some damn fine looking SW friendly kebabs) but the serial weigher in both me and Wes has taken over. This morning, I was 5lbs and officially the lightest I've been all year, so I'm well happy. Wes has lost 10 so far, so we have high hopes for our weigh in next tuesday (unfortunately, our Consultant can only get to us once a fortnight!).

Happily, I've stopped getting hungry now as I think the ketosis has well and truly kicked in (the fact I was wide awake at 6:30 this morning helped confirm this!) and it's getting easier and easier. We accidentally skipped a product last night without realising it, but hopefully that won't do too much damage so obviously hunger is not an issue for us anymore. Seeing other people eat is a bit of a challenge though but we go through it hugging our mugs of soup!!

Looking forward to our first planned break in four and a half weeks when we go away for our collective birthdays - where the plan is (we think) to have 2 of the Cambridge products plus some sort of nice (but not ridiculous) evening meal somewhere for the four nights we're gone. That's keeping us on the straight and narrow.

Back at work now. That should make it easier! I know it's weigh in for many of you tonight. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled to see how you all do! x
On an aside note, does anyone else think that the BMI numbers are just... ridiculous?

Not so much for me (I think women's are slightly more realistic) but for men. My other half is 5'10" to 5'11" and apparently he should be around 12 stone to be in a healthy BMI. I cannot begin to tell you how ridiculous that would look on his frame (he's fairly big built and does a lot of weights at the gym)... but I can't imagine any Consultant being particularly happy about one of their clients wanting to stop in the overweight range?

I agree Amy, even for women. 6 years ago I was the lowest weight I'd ever been as an adult and was constantly being told by friends and family that I'd become underweight. The reality was I was only ONE measly pound into the 'healthy weight' category. Rubbish!

Are you going to have a semi-official weigh in tomorrow seeing as you can only get weighed by your consultant fortnightly?



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I think BMI is a good indicator for health but needs to be taken into consideration with other factors such as muscle and a activity levels. BMIs are just one part of the picture really! Saying that I'd still like mine to be below 25! Haha
I agree Amy, even for women. 6 years ago I was the lowest weight I'd ever been as an adult and was constantly being told by friends and family that I'd become underweight. The reality was I was only ONE measly pound into the 'healthy weight' category. Rubbish!

Are you going to have a semi-official weigh in tomorrow seeing as you can only get weighed by your consultant fortnightly?

We had an unofficial weigh in this morning before the gym (which is kind of cheating a little bit I suppose, because we will be weighed in the evening by our Consultant!) and I've lost 5lbs which is amazing considering the relatively small amount that I have to lose. I'm very much under that pesky 10 stone 7lb mark which I've been hovering above since Christmas so I'm very chuffed with that - not lost that much in a week since the very beginning of my journey nearly 18 months ago!

The OH weighed in too - he's gone into the 17s with a loss of 11lb so far. We may have slightly ruined it for ourselves however because for the last two nights we have missed products (the JOY of not being hungry anymore) and we think it's sort of sabotaged it.

But, ketostix arrived and we're both well in, so this is good news for the next week or so! If I can get another 5lb off in the coming week and get back to hovering around 10 stone I will be an incredibly happy bunny. But that feels like a long way away so baby steps for now but excited at what's happening and the prospects of getting there before our June holiday! YAY!

Onward and inward and all that!
Afternoon all!

Feeling better today than yesterday - struggled to get water down me yesterday (and by that I mean I didn't drink nearly as much as I should have) but today appears to be much better. The brighter weather is lifting my spirits I think!

My lovely significant other however has cleared us out of shakes already (I've literally had about five of the 30 odd we got) and thus I've been relegated to eating mainly the soups. Turns out, even the ones I thought were quite nice are ***** in comparison to the shakes, so having the products at the minute is a bit of a struggle (again, Consultant can't get to us conveniently to swap them so we're muddling through with them). Urgh. Roll on next Tuesday when we finally get some more. Good job I can actually live off of shakes and porridge!!

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