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hopefully in new zealand in just over 2 years

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by zofia, 17 May 2010 Social URL.

  1. zofia

    zofia Full Member

    so here it goes...........
    i am 38 have two kids and have been married since 16 years.
    i have been over weight on and off over the years, but over the last 4 reached my most ever!
    hubby and me want to immigrate to new zealand in just over 2 years, and new zealand immigration law states a healthy bmi, which mine being obese certainly is not!
    so i have bit the sour apple and convinced myself that i really really need to do someting healthy about my weight fast, before the upcoming interviews and health checks.
    i have till around march next year to reach a healthy bmi.
    and since a few years ago i done slimming world succsesfully i thought that is my best shot.
    so i started going it alone on the 08.05.2010 and on my first weigh in saturday gone i had lost 6.6lbs.
    i have taken before pictures and will be adding them to this diary once i have some in between ones to put next to the huge me.
    i hope i will get loads of moral support on my down days here as i know going it alone can be hazardous!
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  3. alibalibee

    alibalibee Gold Member

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    Hi Zofia :) Well done on your first week loss and good luck for the rest of your weight loss journey x
  4. zofia

    zofia Full Member

    thank you alibalibee!!
    so far so good, i survived without caving in last week and had a fab first loss.
    i also started going to the gym last week, 30 min on the tread mill.
    i have been again today, and am now indulging in a home made 0.1% fat strawberry joghurt ice cream.
    i am really glad i made it as it is nice to cool down with, and it feels like a treat.
    now to getting ready for work at two in the kitchen, and avoiding all the nice foods there
  5. zofia

    zofia Full Member

    last week was a bit of a tough week, i am coming up to star week, and had the munchies. i didnt do too bad, and apart from one day kept to my syns.
    i feel all bloated and just ewwww.
    i still managed to shift a pound, so am happy with that considering;)
    i didnt go back to the gym most of last week as i had a tooth pulled out and it was painful for a few days.
    back to swimming in the mornings on monday and gym in the afternoons next week, as i have missed it. didnt ever think i would say that:D, i still find it hard to get myself to go, but once i am there and doing it i keep the bigger picture in mind, and after i feel so much better for having gone.
  6. zofia

    zofia Full Member

    a lot has happend in the last two weeks, nine days ago i gave up smoking, and am doing ok so far.
    i decided that i might as well add that to my get it sorted before new zealand list, as i know i would have been to worried about weight gain once i reach target.
    so i was eating a little more syns than i should have but have so far managed to still have some loss.
    not as much as i would have liked to, but its going in the right direction.
    this week has been really stressful so far, so i have strayed a bit on the food and had two cigarettes. but have now come up with plans how to avoid this from happening again.
    i have given up my job in the kitchen, which should help, and am starting a new job without food after the summer holidays.
    i also managed to buy myself a propper dutch granny bike with no gears, so i wont kill myself when riding it, and was daft enough to take my big daft dog out on a ride last night, he was a night mare as he kept lunging and barking at the dogs behind fences, hence giving me an extra work out keeping him in check.
    god knows what has gotten into him.
    i sure wont be taking him along for a while as it was not a nice ride.
    i have been shopping and bought some nice fruit and veg and will spend tomorrow morning cooking up and preparing foods that are no syns and i can dig into, as i know the rest of this week will be just as stress full.
    i am looking forward to saturdays wi, even though saturday will be a challenge and a half in its self as i am helping to man the pimms tent on the summer fete, what on earth made me say i would help???????
  7. zofia

    zofia Full Member

    am on plan, but also have the munchies, darn not smoking....... but i know that once i will be past the worst with the not smoking i will stick to the plan minus the munchies, i do not expect any loss this wi tomorrow, but a gain.
    i know where it is coming from, so am not worried.
    am still determined to get there in the end, and have not lost sight of my goal.
    to inspire me a little more i dug out my old before and after pictures from doing slimming world a few years ago.
    unfortunally over the time of a few years i lost sight of what was important and piled it all back on and some more
    so the pics are in the order of before first ever sw (years ago)
    after sw (years ago)
    and shockingly now

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  8. zofia

    zofia Full Member

    wi in this morning and there was a + in front of the number, i put on 3.3lbs.
    but i knew this was coming with the munchies that i had after stopping smoking.
    i keep reminding myself that this is just a temp sabotage, and that in 2-3 weeks i will be past the worst, and thanks to sticking to sw as much as possible i wont have put on loads more.
    i will still try really hard to avoid further gain, and am still looking forward to next wi, just need to hit the gym and exercise harder to even out the munchies, i know i can do this.
  9. Spanx

    Spanx Pea on legs!

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    Slimming World
    well done so far zofia! very brave to start dieting and give up smoking at the same time - i'm planning on weight first , then stop smoking!

    to stop the munchies, have you tried chewing sugarfree gum? gives your mouth something to do! i generally have a pack of nicorette gum on me, as i often get stuck in all day meetings, or away on business with non-smokers - it does work!

    good luck and keep at it!
  10. zofia

    zofia Full Member

    today should be easy to stick to avoiding the munchies from not smoking, just come back from dentist, had a tooth pulled :eek:
    feeling rather sorry for myself now as i am terrified of dentists.
    stuck to the plan yesterday which was a green day.
    had fried potatoes, fried bacon pieces which got an egg broken over them and baked beans for brunch.
    then i got hungry and made up a soup with barley potatoes and fried onions, used something similar to oxo cubes syn free to make the stock.
    and it was actually reall nice, shame i had no carrots to put into it.
    snacking in between was fruit and joghurts.
    and for tea i had boiled sliced potatoes with cooked chicken on top, a garlicy creamy sauce i made using my hexa laughing cow light triangles, low fat fromage fraise and garlic.
    poured that over the layered potatoe and chicken, and sprinkled with some cheese second hexa.
    it was well nice.
    and asa snack for in front of the tv i had two packets of kellogs mini bites 5 syns each.
    so all in all yesterday was a craving free day and stuck to plan.
  11. zofia

    zofia Full Member

    one of those days, am sitting here pndering why i am doing this.
    i am trying really hard to stick to plan, but when the cig cravings hit i find myself stuffing things, not just things i can have.
    so am wondering what on earth made me do both at the same time.
    and i know the answer I made me do this cause I want to be healthy as well as slim.
    I want to enjoy life and stop hiding from it behind excuses as to why i cant go and do stuff.
    it is a beautiful day outside, and i am sitting here with dark thoughts.
    i think its time i got of my backside jumped on the bike and gave it at leasts a 30 min cycle around.
  12. zofia

    zofia Full Member

    i have given myself a week or two off, as with not smoking i havent got controll over the munchies fully yet.
    i still follow plan as much as i can, but the munchies win.
    so i have decided rather than stressing over it i am taking some time off of weigh ins, and try to make the best.
    in a week or two i am sure the world will seem a friendlier place again without munchies, or at least with regained controll, and i shall pick up on the weigh in again, and deal with whatever the scales say by then.
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