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Hoping weight loss finds me a husband diary!!

Have been Reading these diaries for the past couple of days and find it fascinating how everyone else feels and is coping with the CD diet - so hears mine!

Hi I'm kim and I'm a serial binge eater! I go fom starving myself to eating massive amount of rubbish! It's pure emotional eating and have done this for so many years! I lost 2 stone in 6 weeks last year on this diet, my confidence went up, I stryed dating and piled on the weight and more!!

I've been putting all my time and energy onto saving for a gastric band and I finally have the money. It suddenly dawned on me that a gastric band isn't the soution- I need to do this myself, learn new habits and save my money for nice holidays for when I can wear a bikini!!

So here goes! I started on jan 1st 2011 weighing in at 15stone 12 (5ft 2) and my bmi is 40- morbidly obese! I have been having 3 shakes a day and water until I meet my CDC for the first time tomorrow.

Today - weighed in at 15st 8. Not in ketosis yet :-( have the worst headache despite drinking 3 litres- hoping ketosis will shift this. One more shake left for today and then off to bed, can't take the headache!!

Will update tomorrow with my CDC weight! X
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Hey Kim & welcome the headache will soon go in time this happens to alot of us. An early night will sort that out for ya.
Keeping a diary keeps u on track here's to a slimmer you very soon
Many thanks! Have just booked a weeks holiday in Florida at the end of February so have a real incentive now!! Hopefully I can be 1 and a half stone lighter by then! X
Good luck hun!

Sometimes I read things people post on here and think 'Thank god its not only me!'. When I read yours it was the line about alternating between starvation and binging, that is the story of my life.

If you added up all the times I'd lost weight it'd probably be in the 100s of stone - sadly I seem to have put back on 110 stone though or somthing like that!

Just started back on CD today.Cant believe I have wasted another year mucking myself about.
This time its all or nothing.
Good Luck Kimmi you will manage fine, especially if you are determined and have a fab hol coming up.
Day 4 - 15st 6! Woke up feeling normal- the first time since I started the diet. I'm thinking that ketosis is near, very furry Tongue, bowel movements changing, and starting to feel better. I have my CDC at 11 am this morning, really looking forward to getting some guidance and tetra briks.

Have just read you can't have the water flavourings until 3 weeks in?! I'm really struggling with drinking water although the sparkling went down ok last night!

I shake and 1 pint of water down so far!! X
Day 5- 15stone 4 and finally in ketosis!!! I feel so much better, no more headaches or cramps and the hunger has surprisingly diminished!!

3 shakes and only 2 litres of water so far! Really need to drink more, especially because I'm having 3 tetra packs a day! Problem is that I work in the community so don't always have a toilet nearby!!!

Really hope I can get into the 14 stone bracket before my next weigh in on Tuesday!! Fingers crossed!! Xx


this time - the last time
Ooh...I'm only doing tetras too. Will be popping in to see how you are getting on.

Work on the water....it can really affect your weight loss.

Doing great so far.....setting us all a good example!
Day 6 : 15 stone 3 pounds

Well things are going ok I think. I do not seem to be missing food that much and no hunger pains. Have been really busy at work so think that's keeping my mind off things. I'm a little bit anxious about the weekend, seeing family and friends without food!!

I've signed up to a dating website also so just need to lose some more weight, get confident and start dating again!! X
Day 8- 15st 1 - again it seems like I'm losing 1 pound a day. I have my weigh in with my CDC on Tuesday so will hopefully get a few more off by then.

HVent had the best of days today- I always mess up on weekends! Too much time and not enough things to do!!

Basically I have eaten two chicken breasts and half a cucumber!! I know it's not terrible and it's the right stuff to eat if I do go wrong but just angry that Ive given in so quickly. This is alongside three tetras too!!

Going to make sure I get back onto the three shakes tomorrow and get back on track!! I cant fail this diet yet again!

Here's to a better Sunday and getting into the 14 stone bracket!! Xx
Hi Kimmi, welcome back to CD, you seem to be doing really well. The chicken and cucumber shouldn't knock you out of ketosis as long as you draw a line under it now and tomorrow start afresh. I would drink extra water tomorrow to help flush the food though.

Good luck for your weigh in!
Good luck with getting into the 14st bracket x
hey i know your feeling with the starvation then bingeing. i am extremely obese i have alot to lose but am praying i stick to this and lose it by september as my eldest starts school and i dont want her to be bullied for having a huge mummy. i am also hoping that i find myself a husband as i am tired of being a single lonely mum.

keep going you will do great.
Hello and welcome :) you're doing fab so far! Sounds like you made a good choice by not having the gastric band. I started off a similar weight to you and I've restarted again today after 3 weeks off over Xmas.

Good luck with the rest of your week!
Hi Kimmi

Best of luck to you and just keep thinking about how great you will feel seeing those scales go down if you get tempted!! It helps me when I find myself drifting towards the fridge
Many thanks for your support and kind words!! Woke up feeling better and forgotten about yesterday! Went straight to the fridge and put the left over chicken down for the dog!!!

Have just weighed in at 15st 0 so hasn't had an effect just yet!! Such a nice day outside so going to head out for a nice long walk with the dog and concentrate on drinking lots of water!!

2days till first weigh in!!! Have a good Sunday all!! Xx
Help please!! Can someone help me on how you change your weight etc onyour profile? How do you get all these weight countdowns etc in the bottom of your posts? Many thanks x x
Hi Kimmi,
I think if you copy and paste someone elses link it should take you to the right page and just follow the instructions.
I struggled to and I think thats what I did, cant quite remember.
Good luck with weigh in. I ate loads yesterday, so really angry with myself.
Many thanks- will take a look later!! Been giving myself a hard time all day about yesterday, just so disapointed with myself. Have just ordered some ketone stix to keep me on track!!

Been good all day today, 2 shakes down and 2 litres of water- can't help thinking about a nice Sunday roast tho!!!

Really hoping I see 14stone 13 in the morning!!!! Xx

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