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Horrendous coupla weeks...


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Hello all,

well lets just say this post for me is like a confessional and lets hope after ive unburdened myself ill feel better of mind again. I missed my last WI due to having a bad week and spoke to my CDC who said it might be best for me to miss a week if im not feeling 100 %. (i still had packs from the previous week) Anyways thinking this might spur me on i had another disastorous week. I must have put on at least 5-6 lbs which is absolutely gutting for me. I should have weighed in again tonight but missed it due to feeling really bad. I'm hoping there will be some one out there whos willing to give my ample derriere a good kick. Also hoping this will clear my mind and help me make a fresh start. Heres hoping!!

Lisa xxx :cry::break_diet:
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awww (((((hugs)))) lisa. if you had of posted earlier i would have suggested you go see your cdc, as that will help you get back on track. a chat with her and getting weighed.
are you on ss hun?

becky x

Consider yourself reprimanded! :)

I know it must be hard for you now hun but my suggestion is you arrange an appt. with your CDC for as soon as poss, without delay. Then you will find out what damage has been done. Only when you know the facts can you face up to it and get back on track. 2 bad weeks can be repaired in so little time, as most of it will be water weight and on CD you will lose that within a couple of days.

Please don't give up, make that appt. tomorrow and climb back up here on the wagon!!



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Yeah i am on SS Becky but am seriously considering SS+. My CDC also thinks this would help me. Its just getting in the right frame of mind to start again. Hoping to find the enthusiasm i had when 1st started this diet.
I say get on your walking shoes, even though you can think of nothig worse. It works for me, as soon as I do it, I am totally back into the swing of things. Good luck.
I'm on SS+ hun and find its much easier mentally than SS as I have a meal in the eve, so if I find myself craving food I only have to wait til dinnertime for it, rather than feeling deprived. Plus you can have milk (so if you drink tea/coffee its fab)! And apparently the losses are the same. Why not give it a go? x

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