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horrible day and now kids are getting take away (longish)


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i could cry but i am not going to ok maybe a bit:cry:lol

I have been fighting an ex boss who gave me a bad ref meaning a job i went for retracted their offer. this has been going on since feb and no one is backing me as she is a head teacher and i am just a T.A. well i have been on the phone to data protection, legal advise ect and my uni as i can't finish my course this year because of job loss and its all a bit to much. i am putting on a brave face but i am sick of being treated like i have done something wrong when it was her that has lied.

Hubby has been great paying my bills and CD but i have not having my independance i have spent the whole day looking for jobs like 10000000000000 others.

And now the kids and hubby are getting a take away and for the first time in ages i feel upset about food i am not giving in but i am a bit sick of food packs and have started skipping meals and i know this is going to effect my WI's

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<big hugs> Kerry, sounds like you're having a crappy time. Have you spoken to ACAS? I own an employment agency and generally companies cannot give bad references.
If it affects you getting another job then you will be likely to have some recourse.

With regards to everything else I think you're being really strong! You're going through a terrible time, but you're still doing CD. A lot of people would have packed it in and used the difficulties as an excuse. You're really very strong hun :)

Don't let something like a takeaway phase you! You need all your strength to fight that horrible woman, so don't waste energy eating ;) x


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thanks liz been on to acas and the emplyment tribuneral also the data protection resistrar and your right most people don't give bad ref's but she isn't a nice person she did it to most of the girls who left but over the phone i am the only one she wrote about more fool her i will be taking her to court it just takes so long.

take away has arrived i had to go and get it but i am feeling ok about it i will not let her get to me. I started CD in the middle of all this as i was putting weight on through comfort eating.

i am off for a shake or a soup mmmmmmmmm lol

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Well done you :) who needs takeaway. My other half had one tonight too and i'm about to go make my dinner.

That's a mare you're having with ex boss. Is there no-one else in that company that will give you a good reference? I have a friend going through the same thing.

Keep strong, you'll get the right job for you and how lovely your oh is subbing you for the moment. So what is your ideal job anyway? x


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as she is the head teacher there is no one else to go to

my ideal job was working with troubled kids but after this i am not sure i would ever work with kids again.
i would pretty much do anything right now lol


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I might be facing a similar thing too. I stood up to a bad boss and now have to try and get a ref to secure the job of my dreams. :(

Glad you're staying strong in the face of all this adversity xxxx

good luck most people aren't stupid enough to give bad refs so fingers crossed for you.

I have done nothing wrong where she has lied so i am not worried

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