Total Solution Horrible Red Berry & Chocolate meal bars idea!!!!

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  1. April1

    April1 Full Member

    Hi, I bought the shake & bar bumper pack from Exante but didn't realise that the Red Berry & Double chocolate bars would be included....I tried both but I really can't stand either. The chocolate one tastes doughy and nothing like chocolate.

    I didn't want to waste them so i decided to try mixing the red berry bar with a vanilla shake.

    1/2 red berry bar
    1/2 vanilla shake
    150ml water (depends how thick you like it, I also add a few cubes of ice)

    I put it all in my blender & hey presto I ended up with a refreshing berry & vanilla shake!

    I am going to try the chocolate tomorrow. I might try it with the vanilla shake, the chocolate shake to have it double doubley chocolatey and I think I'll try the chocolate with the banana shake too. yum yum....can't wait. I was so disappointed with the bars but the shake made it quite nice.

    I'll keep you all posted x
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  3. Bikbee vikki

    Bikbee vikki Member

    I had a berry bar taster omg it was awful! I love sweet things but this was sickly sweet and salty all in the same mouthful. I genuinely thought it was going to taste like a slim fast bar but what a disappointment! Thank goodness I only had one!
  4. yoyoagogo

    yoyoagogo Gold Member

    I tried a double choc bar today and even though I had it in the freezer first it was yuck! How did it work in a shake? I might try that x
  5. Moisy

    Moisy Full Member

    I bought a load of the berry and chocolate bars and ended up throwing them out-I just couldn't face them! The chocolate orange bars are so good though!
  6. SW_Char

    SW_Char Silver Member

    It's not recommended but I heat my double chocolate bars up in the microwave for 20 seconds - they taste so different, and nicer!
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  7. bunchomonkeys

    bunchomonkeys This time its personal!!

    Next time put them on eBay - have sold all my unwanted stuff from bumper packs in there - some sells for more than you pay!!

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  8. Mandaxx25

    Mandaxx25 Pregnant And Eating Healthy

    Ugh oh my word they are so disgusting it's unbelievable. What I don't understand is why the exante stuff is so nasty! Like 200 calories is a fair bit to work with :-/
  9. serialslimmer

    serialslimmer Silver Member

    Just found these comments and I'm still laughing. All so true!

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