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:( horrible saturday night

Ugh just having a crap night right now, feeling quite down just because i WANT to eat something :cry:

Made Andreas his tea tonight Chicken Korma with Nain bread, it smelt soooo nice i was so tempted to eat some chicken but i quickly put the korma in b4 i could.

I have had all my packs and shakes and i dunno i just really wanna eat something i feel hungry but i know it must be in my head. I thought about having a ss+ day AGAIN but i aint even got any chicken or lettace in the house ~sigh~

I dunno i am just feeling the need to eat something and feeling really upset that i cant. I wont eat anything i want this weight off. I dunno, i just REALLY want to eat :cry:

Sorry about the rant hope you have all had a lovely saturday xxx :wave_cry:
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awww I am sorry you are having a bad night hun *hugs Tasha*

You are doing so well on the diet. And we both know that cheating isn't worth it... and neither is the guilt we feel after we have done it.

Maybe have a nice warm drink, maybe a soak in the tub, and just have an early night or lie infront of the fire with the TV on :) You are doing amazing hun and tomorrow is a new day and everything will be fine :D Tonight is just a toughy but you will get through it 100% xx
Hey Tasha,

You WILL get through this. From what i have seen of your posts you seem like a very strong person. COme on you can do it!

If you REALLY need something, why dont you make yourself a choc muffin from a choc pack....if you have already had your 3 packs then you have had all your nutrients.

put a sweetener into a microwavable bowl (will need to be a smallish one) and crush it. Empty a pack in and add afew drops of water until its almost like a thick paste. Then microwave it for 1min or so. You will see when it is done at it will be like a muffin. Make sure you make the surface quite smooth-the muffin will be the shape you put it in as.

Hope this helps!
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sounds like the right time for a face pack, nails painted, bath, pampering type night so you keep yourself occupied. try having a lovely coffee. if all else fails go and play games on your computer. some great ones on fb.
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If I couldn't hold out any longer I used to have another shake :D always done the trick and at 138 calories, it won't do harm ... Better than a munch LOL x


hoping for a good loss
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Hope you are feeling brighter today hun x
Thanks everyone

I couldnt get on here last night when i really needed to hear all them lovely comments. I thought the site was down as everthing else i went on to online worked.

I didnt eat anything i had a cup of golden veg water flavour which i know we are only ment to have 1 t-spoon a day but i had 2 yesterday eeek! I went and had ANOTHER shower last night and painted my nails to try get my mind off food.

I sat and watched 'me you and dupree' which was really nice because i love that film :)

This morning tho OMG i woke up sweating as i had the most horrible dream. I had a dream i was eating a huge massive bag of crisps and then i got another packet and ordered a chinese. When i woke up i asked andreas if i had eaten last night he was like ''no'', THANK GOD!! xxx


2010 - Year I get slim :)
S: 19st5lb C: 16st12lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 37 Loss: 2st7lb(12.92%)
awww glad you managed to get through last night :D Site was down for me to was annoying haha :(
Hey Tasha,

Just wanted to say that I get weeks where I feel like this...you know, it does no harm to have a munch on a piece of chicken or some tuna...and i definitely wouldn't call it cheating...! Don't be so hard on yaself, a SS+ evening now and again won't make any difference to your weight loss so don't be scared to eat.

Glad you got through last night though. Have you tried making the jelly with the mix a mousse? I like to have one in the evening, doesn't count as a meal and has about 18kcals I think so that's always an alternative...?

I know how tough it can be in this mind set...keep going though girl, you are doing so well xx


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i hope your feeling better today tasha, i had a bad day this week and you lot were here for me once again, i would of answered this thread sooner but the forum was down last night :(, chin up xx
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Tasha sorry you had such an awful night on a night where we couldn't be here to reply - so glad that you got through it okay and well done for not eating, you're one strong and focussed lady xx


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Do a pamper session for yourself, will make you feel loads better and proud that you didnt cave to temptation :D
ok reading them lovely posts makes me even more guilty that i had a huge chicken salad today :( ~sobs~ I just dunno what the ehll is wrong with me :( From now on i aint even going to have a ss+ day. I done so well last night and ruined it today. sorry :( xxx


somebody shrink me
what's wrong with having chicken salad? Don't beat yourself up about it x
S: 17st7lb C: 11st6lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 6st1lb(34.69%)
Don't worry about having a chicken salad, you're allowed them on ss+ --- ok so the size may not have been the same but that's not the worst thing in the world!

Don't beat yourself up about eating food that you're allowed on SS+ days, there are going to be times when you'll want to/need to and it doesn't do you any favours to yourself if you're making yourself feel bad about it.

Chin up honey, you're doing so well - please don't let a salad knock you down xx

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