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Horrid Migraine making me want to eat bad things

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Hello fellow Minimins :gen126:

Bit of a feeling sorry for myself post this one so apologies in advance...

Had a mahoosive migraine come on last night at about 2030hrs, couldn't see and then got the thumping headache... Was walking home from parents at the time after having a chicken salad with them for Sunday tea (talk about Karma!!) :break_diet:

Got home and sent myself straight to bed with pain killers to force myself to sleep it off. Woke up a couple hrs later feeling still very very nauseous and head pounding. Anyways, i'd only had two CD meals so i forced a porridge down me as know the importance of having min of three CD meals a day even though i had a naughty salad.

Woke up today and still feel really rough, head's still sore and have spent most the day asleep as this is usually the only way of calming my migraines down a little. I'm now up, showered and sitting on my settee still feeling sorry for myself. I so want to eat something bad for tea and really do not fancy the thought of another CD. I had porridge for breakfast at 1130ish and a cranberry bar about an hour ago and as i was eating it i got the most awful kidney pains :cry:

I'm doing SS+ with the 4 CD's plus milk option, 2 meals and a coffee down so far. Desperately trying to get some water down my neck too as know this'll help my head too. Just need a kick up the bum to curb my cravings for something bad for tea :help2::eatdrink051:

Sorry for the whingy post guys n girls but just need to get this off my chest to people that understand :thankyou:

:feedtroll: xx
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Hey Claire.
Sorry to hear that you are feeling poorly.. Hang in there hon .. you doing so well..
Take some tablets and drink some water.. dont eat food..... a chicken salad is not too bad but you dont want to then carry on as you may just go for something just to make you feel better!!!

Have you got anymore bars.. it might help to have something like that if you feel the need to eat.. thats better than going to other food!!

Hang in there hon you can do it... Hope you feeling better soon .

take care x
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Thanks Curlywurly hun, feel like my head's going to explode at the moment! Not given in so far though so hopefully i'll get through it unscathed x


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Dont give in Claire..
Why dont you go and have a nice relaxing bubble bath .. and then try and have an early night... You will feel so much better in the morning hon . .
Hang in there.. food isnt going to make you feel better ..
Big hugs x
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:thankyou: Curlywurly :)

Think i'm going to have a veggie soup pack with a drop or two of tabasco in. Need something savoury. Then got another pack still to have (i'm ss+). May have something sweeter later on after a bath/shower..

Really appreciate the kind words, and for keeping me on the straight and narrow! x


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oh claire:( I suffer from migraine last one was Dec 07 so a while back now (thank gawd)

you need to turn off the computer and rest hunny, looking at the screen will not help, as it will strain your eyes therefore resulting in more hurting head:(

Sorry your feeling poop, try and stay strong and think of the long term goal your doing so well

see ya soon xemma:grouphugg:
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Aww thanks Emma huni :flowers:

I've thankfully been curbed away from the bad evil food i want to stuff in my mouth at the moment. Just had some more migrain pain killers and about to have 3rd CD meal. Just wish someone would chop my head off for a few hrs :cry:This one's been sooo painful, not had one this bad before..

Thanks for your kind words, see you soon xx
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Thanks for your kind words Abz :hug99:

I'm just starting a veg soup pack with couple drops tabasco in so have managed to stay 100%

Am feeling pretty pleased with myself for doing so too.. not long till bedtime now :sigh: xx


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I feel your pain. I can't go on the pill because any combined pill makes me migraine-tastic.

I actually once begged my husband to hit me to knock me out. I even wrote a note to exempt him from police proceedings should they arise, He refused though, but I was desperate.

Not had one for months, but I find once I vomit everywhere that usually helps.

Sorry - not much help beyond that.
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Aww Lexiedog bless you hun! That's exactly how i feel at the moment, just want my sodding head chopping off.. i just can't get comfortable wherever i am, laying, sitting.. It pounds when i walk and bend... grr, so horrid aren't they.

Just a quick note on the pill issue honey as know where you're coming from on that one! I've been on Cerezette for the last 8 months and it's been brilliant. It's a single hormone one so us migraine sufferers can still have it. Was on depo-provera jab before that which is pretty much the same but lasts longer and again, no problems. Just thought it may be useful if you're still looking for somthing matey xx


can see the end in sight!
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claire! well done on staying 100% while feeling so crappy! BUT get off the computer and go to rest on the sofa or in bed so you dont strain your eyes. or ill come and tuck you in myself! i hate migraines, miserable things.
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They're Superdrug's Migraine pain killers. Ibruprofen and Lysine. Don't really do much for the pain to be honest but they seem to be about the best. I also use the 4head quick strips or the solid crystal thing and they're actually better than any pain killers i've tried (and i've tried most!). xx
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I'm afraid I tend to blast a migraine with co-codomol from the chemist. if it is stillthere tomorrow maybe try that.
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Unfortunately i can't take cocodamols hun.. the codeine in them sends me a bit wappy! lol! Got prescribed some for a perforated eardrum last yr and i couldn't walk straight, slurred my words and they didn't really do much for the pain either, was gutted. I resorted to taking plain paracetamol and ibuprofen together, alternating them throughout the day and this worked quite well so i may give that a try. Thanks for the advice though, really appreciate everyones thoughts and assistance xx


Hiya Chucks!!
Hi i suffer from migraine too so i know how you are feeling.
I think you should go and see your GP to be honest,anything over the counter just does not touch my migraines :eek:.

Hope you are feeling better soon,but please go to your GP as soon as you can.
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Have gone to various dr's over the yrs (i'm ex raf as of august last yr so never got to see the same one twice!) and tried all sorts of things. Tried imigran and some melting wafer things, maxmelt i think they were but both made me feel worse if anything, far more nauseus and did nothing for the pain. Not heard of Zomig though Sandy so may have to return to the dr (have now got myself a proper civvie doc rather than the ones we had to have on raf base) and see what they suggest. Have also tried things like migraleve too but they also did not touch either the pain or the other symptoms. I always start off going fuzzy in one eye then get the pounding head and get the nausea sometimes too when it's a bad one. I thing the main problem is the only reason i seem to get them is from a change in the air pressure or stress/tiredness. I can't pin point it down to anything else at all so it's nothing that i can prevent happening which sucks xx


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claire i also suffer from mirgranes and my sister used to work for a company that offers advice for migrane suffers, dont know if you are arware when you take your pain killers take them with a cup of coffee this helps them get into the system quicker, i always thought coffee was a no no for migrane suffers but apparently this is a myth, also try to drink some fizzy water this also helps settle the stomach and stops you feeling sick, hope you feel better soon i feel for you

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