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Hot Air Balloon Flight Cancelled (again)

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In August 2009, my OH bought me and him tickets for a hot air balloon flight with Virgin. Since then, we have booked it four times and each time it's been cancelled (twice the weather has been shocking and twice it has been a glorious day) so i'm feeling a little 'deflated' so to speak! How frustrating! I have emailed them and asked for a refund as we were told we can now not book until March 2011 as there is no spaced available :( Also, as silly as this sounds, I thought maybe the OH might have wanted to pop the question maybe whilst we were up there (probably faulse hopes I know) lol. Ah well! I can but dream eh!

Just thought I would have a mini dissapointed rant and let you know I want a chocolate (which is 3 syns) but im trying to resist! Rar! xx
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aww hun, im sorry!!

do try and get a refund, and really kick up a fuss if they refuse!

hel find somewhere else equally as exciting to pop the Q when hes ready :) xxx
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I would kick up a major fuss. I think you have been amazingly patient until now. You should point that out to them as well.

It is pretty disgraceful, to say the least and the more so because it is from a major company. To say they have no space until 2011 is beyond belief.

Well done for leaving that Koala Bear in his box.

hugs xxxxxx


Just doing it this time
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sounds to me as if the company is just 'hot air' sorry for the pun. You must insist on a refund and do something else with the cash.
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I'd ring Virgin & write a formal complaint asking for your money back & compensation for the inconvenience it's caused.

I assume you had to be at the take off point early doors. Which will mean you've both got up early/taken time off work etc.

It's not acceptable & certainly not what you'd expect for a reputable company like Virgin. Write that letter now while it's fresh in your mind & you still feel annoyed.

BTW if you've enough syns left have that chocolate:D


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Hope you manage to get your cash back.

The weather has to be just right for a balloon ride and I must admit I was once lucky enough to go on a trip, because of the weather a balloon trip planned for a day out for the employees from my wifes work was delayed until after 7 in the evening. Well several employees didn't want to go "on their own time" so my OH rang me up when I got home from work (about 5 O'clock) and told me if I could drive to her location before 7 I could go on a free balloon ride. Well of course I jumped in the car and drove (in the rush hour) to her location and just got there in time to jump in the basket before they set off.
It was a beautiful summers evening and we flew for about 2 hours, and we could see for miles.
I understand it is a pain to have to keep cancelling plans for this but if you get a chance (without the delays) I would definately do it.
thats a shame, i had a company do exactly the same with my boyfriends helicopter ride i had booked for him for his birthday.

dont do what i did, They kept cancelling our booked flights due to weather and other reasons, untill i just forgot about it and when i did reamber and complained they said my ticket had expired!!!!

good luck with sorting it out, let us know how you get on
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I got a reply this morning:

Dear Sarah,

I have had a look into your ticket details and can see that unfortunately, as per your terms and conditions, your tickets are non refundable.

I’m afraid that with these sorts of tickets, you do need to keep booking until you’re able to get up in the air.

Kind Regards

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I'd still be inclined to complain, but this time send a letter/email to their complaints department. If I was contacting them I'd let them know the date bought tickets, the dates booked flights for, that I understand they are non-refundable, however, it's unreasonable to now have to wait until March 2011 which is X length of time since purchase. And I'd point out they are not providing the service you've paid for & expected.

Good luck
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Hello Lou! Yeah im gonna hit them hard with a mega complaint email come Tuesday when i'm back at work! X


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Sarah, dont just send an email, send a letter also.
As daft as it sounds sometimes letters are taken MORE into consideration than an email x
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Hi Sarah-Jayne,

I have just had my fourth cancelled flight today, so I know how hard it is to actually go on a flight! I'm amazed that they're telling you your ticket has expired when you've booked so many dates which they have then cancelled.

I have booked 4 flights over the last 3 weeks, and so far the weather has been against us. I intend to keep on booking and keep my fingers crossed for the weather.

I agree that you should defo complain. Let us know how they respond to your email.

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